BusToWonderland.com is a service provide by Burton Sports Management of Barrie, ON. We have kids of our own who love to go to Wonderland with their Season’s Pass, with their friends. And as parents like you, with busy schedules, we recognize that it’s sometimes tough to get them there… and get them back home again! We’ve decided to launch this service as a safe, secure and positive solution to this summer-long issue for families in the Barrie area.

Our commitment to you, is to offer you and your kids a safe and positive transit solution, that results in great summertime memories for your kids. We will provide:

  • A safe and secure transit solution
  • A respectful environment, with zero tolerance for bullying or other negative social behaviour
  • Established and consistent travel departure and arrival times
  • Our commitment to ensure that your child is on the bus before we leave Wonderland to return home to Barrie
  • Two-way communication with you should any issues arise
  • Availability to communicate with us via text and mobile phone at any time during your child’s visit to Wonderland
  • Good value

Burton Sports Management
Burton Sports Management is a private business established to provide best-in-class sports events management, sport tours, and athlete management in Ontario, with a focus on youth development and growth through sports. The Simcoe County Cup Festival of Hockey is the flagship property of Burton Sports Management. We partner with exceptional organizations such as Rogers TV, the County of Simcoe, and the Barrie Colts to name just a few.

In addition we provide various other extension-based services, such as BusToWonderland.com, that meet the various other needs of the specific audiences we serve.