1. Who is this bus service for?
    Our bus service is meant solely for kids aged 12-17. Each child must have their bus pass purchased online by an adult, using the adult’s credit card. We also allow adults 18+ who are accompanying youth or children under the age of 12.
  2. How much does it cost?
    Round-trip bus service from Barrie to Wonderland is $29 per person. If you have a complete group of up to 44 people please contact us for a quote to provide private bus service.
  3. When does this bus service operate?
    Our bus service operates twice weekly throughout the summer months when kids are out of school (July/August). You can review the actual planned schedule on our booking page.
  4. Who will be on the bus with my child?
    On the bus will be the bus driver, 1-2 adult supervisors, and up to 42 other kids going to Canada’s Wonderland for the day. Kids may range in age from 12-17. Every effort will be made to ensure that all kids on the bus are supervised for appropriate behaviour and respect of other passengers.
  5. Will there be an adult present on the bus?
    Yes. The bus will have 1-2 adults on it at all times, plus the bus driver.
  6. Do you supervise my child while at Canada’s Wonderland?
    No. We can only supervise children while they are on the bus. We do however provide a mobile phone number to all Youth to call in the event of an emergency or problem.
  7. Is this bus service for Canada’s Wonderland Season’s Pass holders only?
    No, Bus To Wonderland is available to any youth visiting Canada’s Wonderland. Daily park passes are available at special group rates to those who do not have a Season’s Pass.
  8. Can I buy my Canada’s Wonderland Pass online here as well?
    Yes, you can purchase your daily park pass at a special group rate when you book your bus service.
  9. Am I able to leave my belongings or lunch on the bus?
    No. The bus will not be available to re-board until departure at the end of the day. Lockers are available at Canada’s Wonderland at an additional cost, to store belongings while in the park.
  10. Can I bring my own lunch into the park?
    No. Unfortunately Canada’s Wonderland does not allow any food or beverages to be brought into the park. As an option you may purchase a dining plan online during the bus service booking process. There are also several fast food outlets within 5-10 minutes walking distance just across the street from Canada’s Wonderland.
  11. Where does the bus drop-off my child?
    Our bus takes your child directly to the front gate for drop off and will pick up at the same location. Our bus is clearly marked, and adult-supervisor present for easy identification at the end of the day.
  12. What happens if my child is not on the bus when it is time to leave the park?
    We’re committed to ensuring that your child is accounted for and on the bus before we leave to return to Barrie. If your child is not on the bus at time of re-boarding, we will contact your child via mobile phone, if contact is available. In the event that we cannot reach your child, we will contact park authorities and search the park if necessary.
  13. Do you have a policy regarding appropriate/inappropriate behaviour on the bus?
    Yes. Our objective is provide a safe and fun environment free of negative experiences for ALL. No inappropriate and/or offensive behaviour will be tolerated. In the event that inappropriate behaviour occurs, we will make every effort to resolve the situation without further incident. However, any behaviour that is deemed offensive or upsetting to other passengers, that continues, will result in us contacting the individual’s parent/guardian by phone to make alternate arrangements for their child to be picked up at Canada’s Wonderland.
  14. How far in advance do I need to purchase my bus pass?
    Bus passes must be purchased online a minimum of 1 week in advance of your visit to Canada’s Wonderland.
  15. Can I buy my bus pass in person somewhere?
    No, not at this time. Bus passes are available online only.
  16. I am an adult (18+ years of age), can I buy a bus pass and use the bus service?
    Adults 18+ may purchase a bus pass only if they are accompanying a youth aged 12-17, or small child. Otherwise adults will not be permitted as passengers on the bus.
  17. Do you have a refund policy?
    Yes. Refunds are available up to 7 days prior to your purchase date. Refunds will NOT be possible within 7 days of your reservation date as we will have already incurred costs associated with bus service and date-specific Canada’s Wonderland passes. To request a refund during the refund period, please make your request by email to info@wonderland.com