101 Attacking Ideas in Chess: Aggressive Concepts from a by Joe Gallagher

By Joe Gallagher

Essential publication with a clearty from well-known Gambit courses

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L:lxb6 32 �b2! is one beautiful vari­ ation) 31 1i'xf6 'iii>xa3 (Topalov goes down in flames; after 3 1 .. l:ld 1 + 32 �b2 l:la8 33 'it'b6 'ii'd4+ 34 'ii'xd4 l:lxd4 35 l:lxf7 a5 36 �e6 axb4 37 �b3+ �a5 38 axb4+ �b6 39 l:lxh7 he would just have lost the ending) 32 1i'xa6+ 'iii>xb4 33 c3+! �xc3 34 1i'a1+ �d2 35 1i'b2+ 'iii>d1 36 �fi ! l:ld2 (38c) 37 l:ld7!! (it's hard to believe this is a real game; everything falls into place so beautifully for White) 37 ... lld2 �xc4 bxc4 39 1i'xh8 l:ld3 40 'ika8 c3 41 1i'a4+ 'iitel 42 f4 f5 43

1:[g8 25 Wxf6+ ! xh7! 'ifxh7 26 'iWxa7! 1-0. The wait was almost worth it. J OJ A TTACKING IDEAS IN CHESS Idea 47 Sicilian - ltJd5 Sacrifices in the The �d5 sacrifice is part of Sicilian folk­ lore. Sometimes it is played to develop an attack on the e-file or to keep the black king in the centre. On other occasions the aim is to follow up with �d4-f5. The sacrifice may also be played to cut the black position in two, making it difficult for him to transfer his queenside pieces to the defence of the king.

1kxf4 15 d6 �d8! 0-0 16 'it'd5+ �h8 17 dxe7 l:te8 1 8 'iff7) 16 l:txe7?! 16 dxe7+ requires serious analysis. After 1 6... �f7 19 e8'it'+ l:txe8 20 l:txe8 �xeS 2 1 l:te1+ �f7 22 'it'd8. Black should play 1 8 ... b6 ! to liberate his queenside, when 1 9 'it'xb6 �f7 20 e8'if+ is not so clear now. Alternatively White can take a draw with 20 'ifb3+ �e8 2 1 'it'b6 or play on with some­ thing like 20 l:tad 1 . b5? a5 ! l:txd6) 17 '*kdS l:tb8 18 l:tae1 1kc4 19 '*khS 1kg8 ( 1 9 ... ) 21 1ke3 (47c) 21 ...

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