1974 Seminary Hinayana-Mahayana by Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

By Rinpoche Cogyam Trungpa

Transcript of talks given by means of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche on the moment Vajradhatu Seminary, Snowmass Village 1974.

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R: I think it's the attitude of the mind itself, how the mind's mental attitude takes place: you have a sense of memory because of your experiences in the past and present, and you have recollections of what happened at the time. So it's more a mental attitude than the mind itself, alone. Having a mental attitude implies activities of the mind, which have been given names. Q: So attitude is not necessarily active, but sort of inherent to the nature of mind- R: The point is that when you have an attitude you don't have to act aggressively towards it.

Let's not complicate it with too many words. Q: All right. Q: I heard a rumor that if you see the Black Hat Ceremony, you're spared from birth in the three lower realms. That seems to me to be a Buddhist example of being helped by another person. I have other, even richer Hindu examples from my old mythology of how someone helps someone-else. I was wondering how you respond 37 to that in terms of your idea of loneliness. Or is it just a lie? R: I didn't follow what you said-make it specific please.

It is necessary to feel lonely. You are conceived alone; you come out of your mother's womb alone; your umbilical cord is cut; you alone suck your mother's nipple; you alone drink out of your mother's bottle-you are the only person that exists in the world. Somebody helps, obviously. Somebody makes you grow up, of course, and sends you to public school amongst hundreds of kids. You go to teachers and you go to instructors. And if anything goes wrong with your economy you can get food stamps or public help of some kind.

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