A better place to live: reshaping the American suburb by Philip Langdon

By Philip Langdon

Bringing up interviews with builders, planners, and citizens, the coauthor of This outdated residence explains the relationship among ordinary smooth suburban designs and the sentiments of group pride, whereas mentioning the virtues of older designs.

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Thanks to Kit Ward, my agent, and Bruce Wilcox, director of the University of Massachusetts Press, for so enthusiastically shepherding the manuscript to publication. Finally, I am grateful to my wife, Maryann Langdon, for her patient support during what turned out to be a very long undertaking. Page 1 One America's Failing Suburbs The United States has become a predominantly suburban nation, but not a very happy one. Today more than three-quarters of the American people live in metropolitan areas, and more than two-thirds of those live in suburbs.

These occupy a sizable portion of the property. A two-car garage is bigger than the typical living room or family room. The cost of the land needed for the driveway and a two-car garage and the cost of constructing the Page 12 Facades are a blank parade of garage doors in this subdivision in the Newport Hills area southeast of Seattle. garage increase the cost of housing. The AAA estimate also omits the substantial indirect costs of building entire metropolitan areas to accommodate near-total reliance on private vehicles.

In this book I look with an appreciative eye at traditional ways of designing communitiesways that I believe have in many instances served people well. I attempt to encourage those who plan, design, build, and inhabit the suburbs to recognize qualities of traditional design that could be employed for society's benefit. In some cases practices from the past can be revived intact. In other instances they must be adapted to changed circumstances. The point is not that today's world should in every respect mimic the past.

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