A Celebration of Sex After 50 by Douglas E. Rosenau

By Douglas E. Rosenau

A party of intercourse After 50 solutions particular, usually unasked questions on sexual subject matters, offers specific suggestions and behavioral talents for deepening sexual excitement and intimate companionship, and addresses different concerns dealing with older including:

the common results of aging

common scientific difficulties and solutions

erectile functionality and using Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis

the results of alternative medications on sexuality

postmenopause and estrogen replacement

prostate disorders

minimizing the influence of varied illnesses on sexual function

overcoming roadblocks to intimacy

reviving and maintaining sexual desire

physical and emotional sexual fitness

finding support

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In one, the female personification ofRome bemoans her recent military disasters in the presence of Jupiter, who assuresher that he will send her the emperor Avitus (ruled 455-456) for her rescue. 23 In another, the goddess Rome receives the tribute of other personified peoples because ofher new lofty stature under Majorian (ruled 457-461), a warrior since childhood. 24 In a third, the numerous gods and goddesses of the pagan pantheon vow to send a savior in the person of the new emperor Anthemius (ruled 467-472) to the personified empire to deliver her from her military troubles.

Both women and infamous men were forbidden to malce application to the magistrare and thus to register a public complaint against another person for civil redress. Both were prohibited from witnessing a will. Both were also forbidden to become attorneys or to plead in court on behalf of another person. 45 Infamous men were thus reduced in fundamental ways tothelegal equivalent of women. 46 The restrictions placed on these men, like those placed on women, served to emphasize how unlike true men theywere, since the privileges of men were talcen from them.

The sexual ambiguity that was a possibility for any man was particularly visible in the eunuch, who existed in many ways as a constant reminder of the tentative nature of sexual difference and thus of masculine privilege. Remarks about eunuchs demonstrate the uneasiness that even Romans felt about the equation of masculinity, virtue, and social privilege. Eunuchs occasioned unease in part because their gender ambiguity was far less easy to ignore than that of other physiologically ambiguous persons.

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