A Concise History of French Painting by Edward Lucie-Smith

By Edward Lucie-Smith

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Perugino, in particular, is one of Bourdichon's sources, and there is a miniature of St Sebastian where the pose is copied directly from a design which Perugino had been also tend to using some ten years earlier. Since Bourdichon's sources are large-scale works, sculptures and paintings, rather than other illuminations, his miniatures tend to look like The exception is to be found of flowers and insects, which are the book. These have a stereoscopic vividness. The reproductions of bigger originals.

His son and successor, Jean Cousin the Younger (1522—94), is known from engravings and from 32 another picture in the Louvre, A lairly large 'school of Fontainebleau' work of French by art historians, to be labelled and most of these seem to The most attractive are those generally work of the so-called Master of Flora, a specialist in erotic mythological scenes. His figures are even more elongated and sinuous than those of Rosso and Primaticcio. The compositions characteristically show a static central figure surrounded by whirling attendants.

Painting in Italy for the next century, and His followers were French as well as known Dutch as the bamhoccianti. artists, among them Van Laer influenced young Sebastien the Bourdon. It is possible to relate French art during the other of the influences most of the developments which took place in half of the seventeenth century to one or first I have just described. 67o). Vouet was in Rome from about 161 5 to 1627. The ( Lovers, off. 1618, shows how close he came to Caravaggio at one moment in his development.

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