A Dialogue of voices : feminist literary theory and Bakhtin by Bakhtin, Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich; Wussow, Helen; Hohne, Karen

By Bakhtin, Mikhail Mikhaĭlovich; Wussow, Helen; Hohne, Karen Ann; Bakhtin, M

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22. Enjolras, in Femmes ecrites, 30-31, cites Lacan: "Women's power is infinitely beyond all of these male categories, of power, of knowledge, which are mere nonsense, nonsense which doesn't concern them. . " (my translation). 23. Again, Laurence Enjolras points out that all the female parts are present and celebrated, except the one that is traditionally absent: the head. See her chapter "Pour un corps decapite" ("For a beheaded body") in Femmes ecrites. In light of this observation, the Medusa is an interesting choice of figure.

Holquist, Dialogism, 31. 18. The phrase is from Russo's essay "Female Grotesques," 219. Subsequent quotations from this essay are cited by author and page number in the text. 19. M. M. Bakhtin, Rabelais and His World, trans. Helene Iswolsky (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1984), 91. Subsequent quotations from this essay are cited by title and page number in the text. 20. Although a good case can no doubt be made for the misogyny of the originals, I think that is another question altogether.

246) Autoeroticism is thus an expression not only of sexuality but also of spirituality; it is a science, an epistemology, and an aesthetics, all rolled (significantly) into one. However worthy, rich, and inventive this practice may be, I feel certain that it is not dialogic. The autoerotic model, offered here as an alternative to the traditional, repressive hierarchy in which the feminine self is subordinated to the masculine other, is one in which the other has become superfluous. Autoeroticism and homosexuality ("The Americans remind us, 'We are all Lesbians'; that is, don't denigrate woman, don't make of her what men have made of you" [252]) are necessary elements in the project of 10 Lisa Gasbarrone self-discovery and self-expression that is women's writing.

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