A Ferocious Opening Repertoire by Cyrus Lakdawala

By Cyrus Lakdawala

Bored with taking part in the standard openings? uninterested in stuffy starting conception? This ebook presents a welcome antidote! Former American Open Champion Cyrus Lakdawala offers more than a few vicious guns for White in a repertoire that is ideal if you have little time for learn, yet get pleasure from taking rivals out in their convenience zones and inflicting them difficulties from the very starting. The repertoire's spine is supplied through the competitive Veresov establishing (1 d4, 2 Nc3 and three Bg5) and this weapon is observed through both opposed concepts opposed to different Black attempts comparable to the French, Caro-Kann, Dutch, Benoni, Pirc and Philidor. those guns are perfect offerings when you enjoy forcing rivals into chaotic, uncomfortable positions. *Opening guns to surprise and confound rivals *Covers all of Black's major defences *Includes online game summaries with key issues to recollect

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Fxg6 �e7 ?! 26 . . Axd3 27. e7 (27. . hxg4 28 . e7 29. §g8 30 . §g6 + - ) 28. g5 f5 (28 . . fxg5 ? 1 9 . §f7+), and Wh ite continues 29 . §c1 as in the game, although Black has a pawn on a6 instead of b5, or 29 . §f3 ;t . 8 7 27. g5! f5 (27. . Axd3 28. txb5 axb5 29. §c1 • 3 2 23 • • • h5?! Black fails to take advantage of Wh ite's error : 23 . . Axd3 ! (Anand) 24. xd3 h5 25. tDg6 A) 25 . . tDxg6 26. exf6 A 1 ) 26 . . gxf6 27. e7 28. g5 f5 29 . §c1 (29 . §f3 h4 30. e3 ;t) ; A2) 26 . . tDf4+ 27.

17+ ! Black resigned in view of 34 . . &Dxf7 (34 . 'Wxf7 3S. Axd8) 3S. d xe6 &Dxh6 36. exd7 �xd7 37. Ax h6. Attack on the king, play on the dark squares Possibly Black reckoned only on 2S. &Dxg6 fxg6 26. Axh6 fi)e7 00 when the knight would take up a fine post at fS. 25 • • • Game 18 M ot y l e v - R u ste m ov S7 th R u s s i a n C h am p i o n s h i p ( Q u a l ifier) , To m s k 2 0 04 £g7 26. �xg7 mxg7 27. 'Wh4 Now the dark squares can no longer be de ­ fended . 27 mg8 • • • 27. . hS 28. 'Wf6+ �h7 29.

C4 !? You can study this variation by looking at Zaitsev's games with it. Three critical positions in this line should be noted : 9 . �d7 . 9 . . aS !? 1 0. i)c6 1 1 . i)c3 yj'c4 1 2 . i)e2 �xaS � . 10. �c3 'WeS I nadequate for equal ity is 1 0 . . yj'c4 1 1 . i)e2 as 1 2 . bxaS �xaS 13. Ad2 �a8 14. i)e7 1 ) 7. . Axc4 8 . Axc4 d x c4 9 . dS exdS 1 0 . 2 Advantage in space and/or development, typical endgame 15. §b1 ;;t (Alavkin - Driam i n , Russian Cup, Tula 1 999). • Game 21 Sveshnikov - Grosar ttJ • 8 8 7 1 1 .

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