A history of the Jews: Ancient and Modern by Ilan Halévi

By Ilan Halévi

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12. Isaiah, II, 4; Hosea, II, 20; Zachariah, I X , 10; Psalm 46, 10. 13. Maccabees, I, 14, 15. 14. Especially to the Spartan model. See Pierre Vidal-Naquet's work, especially his preface to Josephus' Guerre des Juifs (Paris, Editions de Minuit, 1977), and the historical essay on this period in the collection, Les Juifs, la mémoire et le présent (Paris, Maspéro, 1981). ) Hellenism and the Rise of Rome (London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1968). 15. Máxime Rodinson, " F r o m the Jewish Nation to the Jewish Problem"; see note 1, chapter one in present work.

Shortly after the stabilization of Islamic power in the largest empire that had ever existed up to that time, the Abbassid revolution inaugurated a period of exceptional clemency: in three centuries, this golden age v/as to transform the face of Judaism completely. 69 A History of the Jews Ancient and Modern The Domain Andalusia: The Golden Age With the great Arab conquests following the rise of Islam, which converted all the countries between Spain and Persia into a single territory dominated by the new religion, and soon after by the Arabic language as well, the majority of the Jewish people of that time came under Arab rule.

Above all, he accepted official functions in the Temple. Later, the first hereditary rabbinical dynasty, protected by Byzantium, that of rabbi Gamaliel, his descendant, still claimed to belong to his House. Whereas Shammai saw his influence wane and his teaching taken up by the sects, among which there soon appeared authentic armed parties, such as the Sicarii (dagger men), who distinguished themselves- by becoming the most violent and suicidal faction of pharisaic Judaism during the four years of civil war in Jerusalem, between 66 and 70AD, which marked the end of the Temple and the beginning of a new cycle.

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