A killer chess opening repertoire by Aaron Summerscale

By Aaron Summerscale

Bored with the standard openings? anxious approximately having to profit an excessive amount of idea? Then this e-book will come as a godsend. Aaron Summerscale provides a suite of exceedingly risky starting guns for White. every one advised line is predicated on a pretty good positional origin, but additionally grants long term (and short-term!) attacking probabilities. the diversities aren't simply effortless to benefit and play, yet additionally they set Black advanced problems.

* A queen's pawn repertoire in line with speedy piece development
* unearths many deadly attacking principles and traps
* positive factors the mythical '150' and Barry Attacks

For this re-creation, the publishers enlisted the aid of hotshot beginning author Sverre Johnsen, who has up-to-date the insurance the place important, whereas keeping the spirit, attraction and goals of Summerscale's unique paintings. The killer repertoire is still effortless to profit, and is now extra harmful than ever!

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1 White's lead in development In the struggle for the initiative White is aided by his lead in development. On no account may Black allow this to become even greater, and he must always keep in consideration that the position may be opened in a way that is unfavourable to Black. In the next game the position is indeed opened under disadvantageous circum­ stances for Black. 29 The M odern Scandinavian 2. 1 Peter Svidler Lembit 011 Ter Ape! t2le4 !? 1/WdS? The black queen wants to recapture on f6 , but this retreat is too passive.

L:: h fl h6 ? 1 l S . llf3 �e 7 1 7 . tLlxdS cxdS 1 8 . �xb 7 + 1 - 0 , Trindade-Soppe, Sao Paulo zt 1 993. 'ti'e2! In our example, White, in typical fash­ ion , does not bother about protecting the pawn which is being attacked, but logically sets about extending his lead in development. 1 o ... 'ti'xd4 ?! Black takes the central pawn, after which White 's initiative rapidly turns into a storm. �xe 6 ! The demolition sacrifice on e6 finally comes to punish Black for his negli­ gence. 1 3 ... 0-0-0?!

1 6 . �e4 �e 7 ? h4! (Shirov did not go for the attack and in­ stead settled for 1 7 . �d3 + 'it>g8 1 9 . �xd 7 ;l;) 1 7 . . h6 (or 1 7 . . �h6 i¥c7 ( 1 8 . . �e 3 ±) 1 9 . l:thg 1 �f6 20. l:txg 7 + ! �xg 7 2 1 . l::!. �g5 hxg S 1 9 . �h7 + ! 'it>h8 20. �e4 ( 1 S . i¥c4+ <1::l c 5 1 6 . d4 1 7 . �xb 7 + Wxb 7 1 8. 'ii' b 5 + �a8 1 9 . 'iY c 6 + Wb8 20. i¥ b 5 + and 1 5 . �xb 7 + Wxb 7 1 6 . 'iVe4+ Wa6 1 7 . i¥a4+ 'it>b7 both lead to draw by perpetual check) . �e4 we reach the critical posi­ tion in the line with 1 O .

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