A King in Hiding: How a Child Refugee Became a World Chess by Fahim Mohammad

By Fahim Mohammad

Compelled to escape his local Bangladesh, 8 year-old chess prodigy Fahim arrived in Paris together with his father. Refused asylum, as unlawful immigrants they spiralled downwards into homelessness and desperation. through a stroke of success, Fahim was once brought to 1 of France's most sensible chess coaches, Xavier Parmentier, who tutored him and gave him a feeling of function, his struggles at the chessboard mirroring either his victories and his crushing defeats in his conflict for a traditional lifestyles. emerging via neighborhood and nationwide tournaments to be topped France's Under-12 Chess Champion in 2012, Fahim grew to become a countrywide sensation. In 2013 he went directly to win the area Under-13 scholar Championship. informed throughout the transparent eyes of a kid, Fahim's story is not just a relocating account of the bleak realities that underlie a supposedly worrying society, but in addition a heartwarming testimony to a father's selection, the kindness of strangers, and one small boy's brave will to be successful.

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Now, after Black moves his attacked bishop and White retreats his own bishop, the capture of the QN7 pawn has not been averted, but its capture will occur at a depth too great for the program to see at this point. This move is the earliest example of what is known today as the 'horizon effect' . The amusing thing is that 16 R-N5 is White's best move, but Turing and many later writers have overlooked the reason. 16 ... B-N3 17 B-N5? An aimless move. 17 B-QB4 was obviously the best choice since if Black were then to capture the QNP White could play 18 P-R5 trapping the bishop 52 The Early History of Computer Chess (18 ...

This deterred moving the queen from the back two ranks before castling. The mobility score was not a simple count of the number of moves that could be made by all pieces, but a weighted measure that placed a greater value on attacking certain squares than on attacking certain others. For every square attacked 1 point was scored. For every square attacked that was adjacent to the enemy king an extra 2 points were scored. For each attack on one of the four central squares an extra 1 point was scored.

One of the strongest American programs of the early 19705, TECH, employed only one feature in its evaluation mechanism -material. After material, the second most important feature in chess is mobility. By mobility we mean the number of legal moves that can be made in a given position. Material and mobility are obviously linked since, in general, the more pieces we have the more moves we can make. But mobility is a very useful addition as a measure, since there are many chess positions in which the real value of a piece lies in the moves it can make rather than in its simple material measure.

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