A strategic chess opening repertoire for white by John Watson

By John Watson

Such has been the approval for John Watson's ground-breaking works on sleek chess process and his insightful starting books, that it's only traditional that he now offers a strategic starting repertoire.

It is the chess-player's holy grail: a versatile repertoire that provides competitors actual difficulties yet does not require lots of memorization or continuous research of ever-changing grandmaster idea. whereas this publication cannot rather promise all of that, Watson bargains an exciting choice of strains that provide large scope for over-the-board creativity and may by no means bring about a lifeless draw.

The repertoire relies on 1 d4 and a couple of c4, following up with methodical play within the centre. Watson makes use of his titanic starting wisdom to select crafty move-orders and toxic sequences that might strength competitors to imagine for themselves, delivering a real try of chess figuring out. all through, he discusses thoughts for each side, so readers should be absolutely able to pounce on any inaccuracies, and feature all of the instruments to settle on the main applicable plans for White.

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B4 (D) and now: w b2) 7 tt:'le5 ! (an aggressive move, attacking Black's g4-bishop) 7 ... tt:'lxe5 (7 ... exd5 1 0 'ii'd4 (hitting both bishops) 1 0... e7 1 6 0-0-0 - Onishchuk. "ika5 1 0 f3 exd5?! xc3+ 1 2 bxc3 'it'xc3+ I 3 'iii>f2 tt:'lh6 14 h3 and in Onishchuk-Morozevich, Alushta 1 994, White was much better according to Onishchuk; he went on to win. b23) 9 ... 'it'e5 ( 1 2 ... g3 ! f2 "ikd2 1 7 l:tac 1 �g6 ( 1 7 . xc2 b6 20 a4! e5 2 1 a5 c5 22 axb6 axb6 23 l:tb1 ±) 1 8 �c4! lvanov-Ulko, Moscow 1 995.

E7 I I li:ld4 is also undesirable for Black) I O... c I ( 1 2 li:lc5 li:\e4 1 3 li:lxe6 fxe6 14 li:ld4 ;\; Alekhine-Muffang, Paris 1 923) 12 ... xd4 'ir'd7 1 5 f3 ! gS (D) The key position of the main-line Tarrasch Defence. 1: 9. 2: 9. cxd4 . .. 2. 1 } 9. te6 .. White has to play very accurately to gain any meaningful advantage against this simple de­ veloping move . txc5 ... c8 postpones recapture until White commits. c 1 ! xf6 1 3 li:le l ( 1 3 'ir'a4 b6 ! 'ir'a5 1 4 li:ld3 ;\;, b) 1 o... e5 (Orlov-Mayka, Chicago 1 994) 1 6 li:\c5 !

Here Black's pawns are vulner­ able; for example, 1 8 tt:lg5 ! ) 1 8 ... xc6 bxc6 2 1 tt:lxe6 (2 1 lt:le4 ! ) 2 I .. ;. c4 (D). This rook-lift has become routine: White covers d4 and b4 versus knight intrusions, and can transfer the rook to e4 to put pressure on e6. The move also serves to free the fl -rook to dou­ ble or go to b 1 . Notice that both bishops are un­ opposed by a counterpart, so they are more effective attackers. In this case White's bishop has targets on c6 and e6: 1 7 ... h6 ( 1 7 ...

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