A Tale of Two Cities: Global Change, Local Feeling and by Karen Evans, Penny Fraser, Ian Taylor

By Karen Evans, Penny Fraser, Ian Taylor

A story of 2 towns is a research of 2 significant towns, Manchester and Sheffield. Drawing at the paintings of significant theorists, the authors discover the typical lifestyles, making contributions to our figuring out of the defining actions of existence.

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Rousseau , Kant und die Moralitat der Revolution
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Der Umsturz als Autoritatszerfall.
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Revolutionare Hoffnungen eines unpolitischen Menschen
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There is no doubt that the advance of ‘mass media’ and global economic competition has undermined the processes through which a strong and immediate sense of local identification is adopted by individuals, but it would be a very sweeping generalisation that denied the continuing desire for such a local identity (for example, in local history groups, amongst fans of football clubs or amongst various different kinds of craft group and other hobbyists. The new sociological writing on ‘reflexive modernization’ (notably Tony Giddens in his commentary on Hägerstrand’s geography of everyday work and leisure time) (Giddens 1984) emphasises the importance of what is seen as a routinised set of practices, as a solid basis from which actors proceed to engage in reflexivity and innovation in their lives.

4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Edinburgh Aberdeen Plymouth Cardiff Hamilton Bradford Reading Stoke-on-Trent Middlesbrough Sheffield 16 PAST AND CONTEMPORARY CONTEXTS It is a matter of remark that so few of these cities in this particular league table are in the South of England which, on many other measures, would emerge as a ‘desirable’ place in which to live, and it is clear that Dr Rogerson’s results are a function of the criteria he adopts for purposes of evaluation and the weighting given to different dimensions of the ‘quality of life’, which do not seem to be supported by any clear social or cultural argument.

Lash and Urry 1994:212) A considerable amount of research was undertaken in Britain during the 1980s on the essentially uneven fate and experience of different localities with respect to ‘de-industrialisation’ and the shift to ‘postFordist arrangements of production’. It is probably fair to say that the logic of enquiry in these studies, deriving from a realist political economy tradition, rather than from the perspective of a cultural sociology of place, has not so far generated an account of this unevenness in terms of what we are calling a ‘local structure of feeling’.

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