Abortion (Global Viewpoints) by Noah Berlatsky

By Noah Berlatsky

Each one anthology within the new worldwide Viewpoints sequence (which doesn't reproduction any fabric within the Opposing Viewpoints sequence) promises modern views at the featured factor -- with nearly all of the cloth reflecting stances of nations except the USA. fundamental assets, together with speeches and govt records, subscribe to essays from overseas magazines and information resources for a very panoramic view. precious good points contain an annotated desk of contents, a global map and kingdom index, a bibliography and an issue index.

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It is honored and sacred, and because of the sanctity attached to it, it is unlawful to terminate it, tamper with it, cut parts of it off, or dishonor it in any way. 42 Abortion and Religion The Soul Enters the Fetus According to the Shari៮‘a, abortion can be divided into two types: (1) abortion after the soul (ru៮ h) has entered the fetus; and (2) abortion prior to the entry of the soul into the fetus. It is imperative to know that according to the Shari៮‘a, the soul enters the fetus at 120 days (four months) from the date of conception.

One individual cannot bear the burden of another, and every individual must bear his or her own responsibility. . It is clear, then, that an abortion due to illegitimate sexual intercourse cannot be justified. It will remain unlawful after and prior to the soul being entered into the fetus. Having said that, in some extreme cases an abortion may be permitted. For instance, suppose a young girl below the age of consent is seduced by a mature man and falls pregnant. Would it be permissible in such a case for her to abort the pregnancy and return to her childhood routines or would an abortion still remain unlawful?

Reproduced by permission. 41 Abortion t is a well-established principle of Islam that Alla៮ h Almighty has honored human beings. . I Thus, it is unlawful (hara៮ m) to transgress in any way against human life, for it is sacred. Killing a human is considered one of the greatest of sins in the sight of Alla៮ h Most High. . The life of a baby within its mother’s womb is as sacred as the life of a mother according to the Shari៮‘a. Human Life Is Sacred The jurists (fuqaha៮ ) state that in the case of extreme hunger, when there is no alternative available, unlawful things such as pork and alcohol become permissible to consume.

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