Abusing Over-the-Counter Drugs: Illicit Uses for Everyday by Kim Etingoff

By Kim Etingoff

The government's licensed them. you do not need a prescription. you will get them at virtually any industry. So, there is evidently no hazard in over the counter drugs, right?Wrong.The uncomplicated truth is that after taken in methods except as directed, over the counter medicines may be simply as harmful as many unlawful medicines. and since there is a fake experience of defense concerning the medicines - and since they're in nearly everyone's domestic medication cupboard - the abuse and misuse of over the counter medicinal drugs are at the rise.''Abusing over the counter medicines: Illicit makes use of for daily Drugs'' offers the proof approximately this alarming trend.Readers will research what medicinal drugs are so much misused, the consequences of misused over the counter medicinal drugs, and what the govt is doing to stem the matter. Readers also will locate feedback on how you can get support to prevent abusing over the counter medicinal drugs.

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The chemist who developed Elixir Sulfanilamide was so distraught over the tragic deaths his medicine caused that he committed suicide. Massengill, the company who made and marketed the pink liquid, was fined $26,100 (the maximum fine legally allowed at that time), but not otherwise held liable. More important, an outraged public cried out for action, which resulted in the passage of a new law, 46 Chapter 2—The History of Over-the-Counter Drugs Elixir Sulfanilamide caused the death of 107 people.

Guarana In Brazil, native people have long known that the seeds of a certain plant have a stimulating effect when eaten or ground up and mixed with water or tea. Today, guarana is common in herbal remedy sections, as it speeds up metabolism and promotes frequent urination. One of the components of guarana extract is caffeine, which is known to cause high blood pressure. Guarana often interacts with medicines and can cause deadly complications in certain cases. The extract has some relatively powerful anti-clotting properties and can cause unstoppable bleeding in long-term users.

Other antibiotics, like tetracycline, help people who can’t take penicillin, but these drugs often cause stomach or intestinal discomfort. Even common household aspirin can irritate your stomach lining. Worse yet, aspirin has been known to trigger Reye’s syndrome when given to children battling chicken pox, influenza, or other viral infections. These side effects may occur even when users are exactly following the manufacturer’s instructions for use (which is not the case when OTC drugs are abused).

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