Addiction by Vatsal Thakkar, Pat Levitt

By Vatsal Thakkar, Pat Levitt

A historical past of habit covers how and why humans develop into hooked on numerous medicinal drugs, meals, or actions, and the way addictions will be treated...Title: .Addiction..Author: .Thakkar, Vatsal, M.D...Publisher: .Facts on File..Publication Date: .2006/07/01..Number of Pages: .128..Binding variety: .LIBRARY..Library of Congress: .2006004995

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The earliest reference to the drug is found in archaeological evidence in China dating back 12,000 years. The psychoactive compound in marijuana is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Marijuana plants can vary in their THC content from 1% to 7%. Hashish is the more concentrated resin of the cannabis plant. It is a stronger drug than marijuana, with a THC content of up to 10–20%. ” Grass and weed have become other popular terms used for marijuana. The cannabis plant came to be very useful during the Renaissance, especially through the sixteenth century.

Examples include insulin shots or heroin. • Topical administration: The drug is absorbed from the skin into the bloodstream. Some blood pressure and pain medications are given this way. Causes of Addiction fire more strongly, more weakly, more often, or less often—in a certain part of the brain. This change in the activity of neurons is what causes the desired effect from a certain drug. The human body does not like to be manipulated. Any foreign drug introduced into the body will activate biological mechanisms that try to counteract the effect of the drug.

This shows that there are at least some genetic factors that influence who will be more likely to suffer from an addiction. Yet another factor is exposure to drugs. 12 Peer pressure and use by family members also plays a role in early experimentation. Other factors involved in a higher risk for addiction are more debatable. There seems to be a higher risk of developing Causes of Addiction addiction among people with risk-taking personalities. Adults who were abused as children seem to make up a large percentage of the addicted population (especially addiction to alcohol), as high as 50–60%.

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