Amphetamines and Methamphetamine by Christine Adamec

By Christine Adamec

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Bradley also found that when he took the children off Benzedrine, their problem behavior returned. 12 During this time, physicians believed that the problem of children with hyperactivity and impulsivity likely lay in brain damage. In the 1950s, the disorder was called hyperkinetic impulse disorder and it Historical Background 31 Because of continued complaints of abuse, Smith, Kline and French voluntarily removed the Benzedrine inhaler from the market in 1949. But this did not end the inhaler abuse nor did it end amphetamine abuse.

It is possible there may be a class issue that is present: Most abusers of methamphetamine are low-income and uneducated individuals, while abusers of prescribed amphetamines are more likely to be educated and higher income individuals. Yet society needs to ask itself if it is reasonable to move actively against methamphetamine alone, with its admittedly dire consequences of abuse and dependence, and yet look the other way when prescribed amphetamines are misused and abused. ” 3 How Amphetamines Work in the Body Alice was addicted to methamphetamine.

Reprinted from Mark Rose, Methamphetamine Abuse and Dependence. : CME Resource. Copyright 2008; used with permission from CME Resource. How Amphetamines Work in the Body 45 A Higher Sensitivity to Amphetamines May Increase Abuse Risk Some research indicates that some individuals, particularly those who are high sensation seekers, may be more likely to become abusers of amphetamines. In general, sensation seekers are those who seek out new and novel experiences that they perceive as exciting. In a small study of 10 high sensation seekers and ten low sensation seekers (those who scored high or low on a test on impulsive sensationseeking), all adults were given dextroamphetamine.

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