Ancient and Modern Israel: An Exploration of Political by Ira Sharkansky

By Ira Sharkansky

Publication by means of Sharkansky, Ira

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They criticized the people for a lack of justice, mercy, and honesty, and for a religiosity that was limited to the practice of rituals. They predicted destruction by the Assyrians, as God's way of punishing the people for their corruption. I desire mercy, and not sacrifice, And the knowledge of God rather than burnt-offerings. 67 Prepare to meet thy God, 0 Israel ... The city that went forth a thousand shall have a hundred left ... 68 The Book of Isaiah is a complex collection of what may be the work of two, three, or four separate authors.

They urged acceptance of secular rule by Gentiles, which they viewed as part of God's destiny for His people. After the Holocaust showed how devastating such a posture could be, leaders of the new Israel emphasized more militant and nationalistic themes in Jewish history. They praised the Maccabees for revolting against the Greeks and the Jews of Massada who chose death rather than submission to the Romans. Many Israelis also make a hero of Bar Kokhba for his efforts to oust the Romans. Some of the Israelis who are treated in later chapters as modern equivalents of the ancient prophets anchor their policy recommendations in their views of ancient history.

Those who were called false prophets by Jeremiah urged a revolt against Babylon. Jeremiah counseled his countrymen to accept Babylon, and not to seek advantages in international politics. 58 The Prophets If there were nothing else in the Hebrew Bible, the books of the prophets would have earned it a place in world history. The priority they give to moral values, and their willingness to criticize current fashions among the masses and their rulers have contributed important traits to modern democracy in Israel and elsewhere.

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