Anthrax (Diseases and Disorders) by Barbara Saffer

By Barbara Saffer

Discusses the sickness and its prevention in animals and the way to answer anthrax bioweapons.

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S. military. Anthrax Biological Weapons 59 United States had five thousand anthrax bombs, and by July 1944 the nation was capable of building fifty thousand anthrax bombs a month. S. military leaders wanted to be able to exterminate a huge portion of the enemy’s population to stop them from fighting. However, the anthrax bombs were not used during the war. Soon after World War II ended, the “Cold War” began. This was a long period of hostility between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union and its confederates.

The losses caused by this dreadful disease finally began to come under control in the late nineteenth century, with the development of effective anthrax vaccines and improved treatments for both animals and people. Chapter 3 Preventing and Treating Anthrax I N THE PAST, anthrax was one of the major killers of domestic animals worldwide. Over the course of history, anthrax also caused many human deaths. The devastation wrought by this fearful affliction prompted scientists and doctors to develop methods to prevent and treat the disease.

22 Additionally, little research has been done on the long-term effects of MDPH-AVA. One published study, which monitored laboratory workers in Fort Detrick, Maryland, for twenty-five years Preventing and Treating Anthrax 47 following vaccination, concluded that they did not develop any serious ailments such as cancer or infertility from the anthrax vaccine. Because of the small number of published accounts, though, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences reported that it could not determine whether anthrax vaccination results in long-term health problems.

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