Antidepressant and Antianxiety Drugs by Alan Hecht

By Alan Hecht

A advisor to antidepressant and antianxiety medications, together with their historical past, right use, unintended effects, abuse, and extra.

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Beck, inspired by Ellis’ work, developed cognitive therapy. This technique is designed to first identify dysfunctional thinking in a patient and then to change it along with dysfunctional behavior and emotions. The therapist challenges the patient by pointing out what is wrong with his or her thinking, thus allowing the patient’s feelings to be more easily changed. 2 Psychoanalysis This form of treatment was developed in the 1800s by Sigmund Freud. He felt that the mind consisted of three parts: the self-gratifying id, the rational ego, and the moral superego.

Both operant and respondent conditioning are employed 60 AntidepressAnts And AntiAnxiety drugs THe TALkING CURe Sigmund Freud (1856–1939) tried many different techniques to treat different patients with various psychological disorders. He tried to use hypnosis to treat his patients and found that the results were less than satisfactory. He turned to a technique where the patient talked through his or her problems. This technique, originally called the “talking cure” by a patient Anna O. who was treated by Freud’s colleague Josef Breuer, was designed to bring out repressed and rejected thoughts and fears so that a cure could be achieved.

Just like benzodiazepines, they too bind to GABA receptors causing them to attach more strongly to the neurotransmitter. In addition, barbiturates block receptors for the neurotransmitter glutamate, which is excitatory. Thus, they are enhancing central nervous system inhibition and blocking stimulation as well. This makes them very potent as sedatives and contributes to their history of being highly addictive. Another group of antianxiety drugs works by enhancing serotonin’s inhibitory effects.

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