Applied Mechanics. Made Simple by George E. Drabble

By George E. Drabble

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In order to lift the weight, it is necessary that the moment of the force we apply about the hinge must over-balance the moment \h\hi U—1m—4«-1m- iiw 2W Ü3 w (a) (b) (0 Λ Λ (d) (e) Fig. 18. The moment of a force about a hinge is the product of force and perpendicular distance from line of action to the hinge. of the weight about the same point. By applying the force a distance from the hinge twice as far as the weight, as in Fig. 18 (a), we find that the necessary force is \Wy where W is the weight.

16 (b) by their respective components, 7\ sin Θ, Tx cos Θ, T2 sin Θ and T2 cos Θ. This process is called resolving the force. So we have in Fig. 16 (b) Tj sin IOijAT2 sin 10 Ti cos I0 T2COSIO I00N (a) (b) Fig. 16. Forces 7\ and T2 are resolved into components. a neat system of forces acting only along two lines at right-angles. The advantage is that we can write equilibrium conditions along each direction independently of the other. Equilibrium along the horizontal is unaffected by forces along the vertical.

The first law gives us a definition of force: force is something which, by itself, produces an acceleration. This is the definition of force, and is clearly more satisfactory than the 'push or pull' we have had to accept so far. It only gives us a qualitative definition: it does not tell us how to measure force, but we shall find the answer to this problem in the second law. Let us now see how general the first law is in its application, and how it must have appeared to cut right across contemporary beliefs.

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