Architectural Tourism: Building for Urban Travel by Jan Specht

By Jan Specht

Since the early instances of traveling structure does represent a major strength of charm and an essential point in advertising and marketing. until eventually this day locations attempt to raise their industry positions via the improvement and recovery of the outfitted surroundings. in spite of the fact that, structure is characterized by means of a permanent presence with affects on viewers and citizens alike. as a result, on a sustainable foundation it must chime with position and scenario. the place modesty can be appropriate for one vacation spot, amazing structure can be a transformation catalyst or particular promoting proposition for one more. vacation spot builders need to be conscious of the neighborhood specifications in addition to the reciprocal courting among the trendy perform of tourism and the equipped surroundings. to deal with the complexity of architectural tourism, during the e-book this subject is topic of a arguable dialogue and approached with a contextual and interdisciplinary view.

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G. g. tenants) and those who own it (p. 398). While each of the groups might again consist of entities of very different natures and interests, tourism adds a whole new dimension to it because - from a single building to an entire urban district - there might always be a conflict of interests between the architecture a resident wants to use, and the one a tourist seeks. " After more and more apartment buildings had been taken over by hostels and hotels, or had been transformed into holiday flats, residents felt disturbed by rising rents, noise and pollution and eventually held a public event with the title "Help, the tourists come (Hilfe, die Touristen kommen)" (para.

Another example of revitalisation by means of conversion and functional adaptation is the Las Arenas project in Barcelona, Spain. The former bullfighting ring from 1900 fell into disrepair in the 1990s as bullfighting had not been hosted since 1977. Eventually, with Catalunya's decision to abolish bullfighting by 2012, Las Arenas was irretrievably about to lose its original function. Hence, British architect Richard Rogers was hired to transform the retired bullring into an attractive commercial complex while preserving the circular Neo-Mud6jar style facade of the original (see Illustration 22).

3 Between Historical Monuments and Contemporary Architecture 27 IIIUlitNtion 12: Twin towers of the World Trade Center, New York, United States: Destroyed In 8 terrorist attack on Tueaday, Sepmmber 11, 2001 (Author, 1995). IIIUlitrdon 13: Holocaust Memorial, Berlin, Germany (Author, 2011). 28 2 Tourism and the Built Environment Contrary to historical monuments, contemporary architecture is unlikely to have a historical meaning or significance, as in the exceptional case of the World Trade Center in New York.

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