Armenia and the Byzantine Empire by Sirarpie Der Nersessian

By Sirarpie Der Nersessian

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Both parties found definite advantages in this fiction. By maintaining friendly relations with the feudal lords of Armenia, the emperors could intervene in their private affairs, and they hoped to find in them useful allies against the Arabs, as well as supporters of the Byzantine domination in Armenia. 15 18:17 8 Historical Survey pcrial rule. In reality, however, the Armenians had no desire to become the subjects of the Greeks, for they dreaded their despotic yoke almost as much as they disliked the Arab domination.

The Armenian prince, Artashes (or Artaxias), who was allied to the Parthian Arsacids, set himself up as king of Greater Armenia and this national dynasty sustained, with varying fortunes, the resistance against the Seleucids and the Persians. 15 18:17 6 Historical Survey expansion in the east, for the wars of Tigranes II, the ally and son-in-law of Mithridates, king of Pontus, are related by Roman as well as by Armenian historians. The valiant struggle of Tigranes against the Roman legions was however doomed to failure; western Armenia was conquered and retained only a nominal autonomy under her national kings.

Urged by the catholicos, the supreme head of the church, the Armenian nobles united and appointed him as their king. " Shortly after, the Byzantine emperor deemed it wise to recognize Ashot's accession, and he also sent a crown and royal gifts. The Armenian unity which had brought about this happy situation did not last long. Old jealousies and rivalries soon reawakened. The feudal lords brooked no interference in their affairs, and they had no intention of sacrificing in the least their cherished independence.

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