Avian Flu (Deadly Diseases and Epidemics) by Jeffrey N Sfakianos

By Jeffrey N Sfakianos

This carrying on with sequence explores varied ailments to teach the technology in the back of how disease-causing organisms have an effect on the physique. Microorganisms have plagued people because the starting of time, inflicting debilitating ailments or even demise. yet how, precisely, do those microorganisms infect and reason disorder? The books during this sequence study a number of microbiological scourges that experience affected people in addition to the stairs which were taken to spot, isolate, hinder, and eliminate them. every one name will define the historical past and coverings of the illnesses, highlighting how advancements in prevention and remedy concepts have affected the disease's impression at the international inhabitants. sometimes called the fowl flu, avian influenza is a illness that after contaminated basically birds yet has got the power to contaminate people with lethal effects.

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If you have ever been to a pond or lake that is occupied by migrating geese or even a family of ducks, you may have noticed that birds are not conscientious about sanitation. q 46 3/6/08 8:58 AM Page 46 AVIAN FLU sometimes even mixed throughout the bread or corn that people throw on the ground for the birds to eat. Thus, it is not difficult to comprehend that the most common mode of transmission of the flu virus between birds is through a fecal-to-oral transmission route. Thus, when a goose eats something that an infected bird has defecated onto, the goose ingests inoculants of the avian influenza virus.

These birds share common water and food sources and their excrement is often splattered on the cages. When the market closes in the evening, a shopkeeper may decide to bring his unsold birds back home to his farm. q 3/6/08 8:58 AM Page 49 Crossing Species: A Virus of Birds, Pigs, and Man home to all of his other birds. The minimum consequence for this act is that the virus infects his flocks, and his birds start producing fewer eggs and become thinner. Thus the shopkeeper’s livelihood is immediately at risk.

All of these cases were restricted to China and Hong Kong. Additionally, the highly pathogenic H7 strain has also been transmitted to humans and seems to be present in countries outside of Asia. The H7 hemagglutinin has been combined with N2 and N3 in North America and with N7 in the Netherlands. The H7N3 virus was found in a sick person in Canada that had an eye infection. blues 3/6/08 8:59 AM Page 63 The H5N1 Avian Flu cats kept close to one another? Whether the H5N1 virus uses an intermediate host or not, the potential for reassortment that produces a pandemic still exists.

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