Baldur's Gate: A Novelization (Forgotten Realms: Computer by Philip Athans

By Philip Athans

Bhaal needs to be stopped!Someone is sabotaging the iron mines of the Sword Coast, pushing strong nation-states towards a bloody warfare, and a tender mercenary towards an incredible secret.Evil gods, big spiders, murderous doppelgangers, flesh-eating ghouls, and depraved Zhentarim come to existence within the action-packed novelization of the Baldur's Gate computing device online game shape BioWare and interaction.

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Abdel brought his sword up and easily batted the attack away while shifting his weight and bringing his feet under him to stand. The half-orc recovered so slowly Abdel had time to find his bearings. Confident that the half-orc was too slow to parry a simple slash to the throat, Abdel swung his sword in a fast arc. The blade met resistance and stopped. The half-orc was strong enough to stop the slice, the club was strong enough to remain intact, and the half-orc proved faster than Abdel imagined he’d be.

Abdel asked, not really expecting an answer. ” Xzar offered, avoiding eye contact with Abdel, as always. Abdel nodded, seeing the truth in it. Montaron knelt over the man and started running his hands along the dead soldier’s belt. ” Jaheira gasped. ” “She’s right, Montaron,” Abdel said. ” Montaron ignored them, standing and turning around only when he’d found something. ” Abdel asked when he saw what the halfling was holding in his hands. There was a whole set of them, half a dozen big brass keys on a simple iron ring.

Mielikki,” she answered simply. It was the name Abdel thought he’d recognized in her strange chant. Mielikki was some kind of nature goddess Abdel had had little interest in... until now. Xan nodded and shrugged, walking quickly to stand beside the half-elf. Jaheira locked eyes with Abdel and looked like she was going to say something. The look made Abdel cringe, but he turned and followed Xan saying, “Half a month later and I find out you’re a druid. ” He didn’t expect an answer and didn’t get one as they passed through the poison flowers, protected by Jaheira’s magic.

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