Barrow of the Forgotten King (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 by Ed Stark

By Ed Stark

Designed for second-level characters, this primary event in a three-part sequence is additionally run as a stand-alone experience. It includes a new and fascinating strive against stumble upon structure designed to make the Dungeon Master's task more straightforward.

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Dragon Statue: T h i s is a L a r g e statue. If viewed using detect magic, the statue a n d the water radiate a moderate a u r a ( D C 2 0 Spellcraft check to determine the school is conjuration). A n y good-aligned creature that spends a full round drinking from the fountain is refreshed as if he or she h a d just slept for 8 hours, recovering hit points, spells, a n d all other daily abilities that don't come from items (items don't benefit from the water). A neutral creature that drinks regains hit points as if he or she h a d slept 8 hours, but no other benefit.

TACTICS Once battle is joined, Krootad casts animate dead on the four skeletons nearest him, ordering them to attack if he suc¬ ceeds. He uses both of his animate dead spells if he must. He then casts cause fear on a capable melee combatant, followed by spiritual weapon, which produces a black flail that Krootad sends to harry a spellcaster or archer. While so casting, if Krootad still has an animate dead spell remaining, he maneu¬ vers to get close to the minotaur skeleton, and as soon as he can, he drops his largest onyx piece into the skeleton's eye (a move action that provokes attacks of opportunity) and then casts animate dead on that skeleton.

They were ordered to keep intruders on the stairs and take them out one at a time. When the wolf skeletons attack, the ogre zombie is alerted. It remains at the room's lowest landing with a readied action. As soon as a PC steps onto the lowest stairs in this area, the ogre zombie charges and uses its reach to slam its opponent. A character on the stairs sees the ogre zombie before it attacks by making a successful DC 5 Spot check. If it would have to squeeze up the stairs to reach its assailants, the ogre zombie instead retreats to its starting position and readies another charge.

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