Battlesystem: Miniatures Rules (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) by Douglas Niles

By Douglas Niles

This publication, a full-scale revision and growth of the foundations within the unique BATTLESYSTEM fable strive against complement, supplies all of the details you must organize and play battles with miniature figures. those principles can be utilized with out the AD&D online game books, yet you may also convert characters and creatures from an AD&D online game crusade and use them in BATTLESYSTEM situations. Lavishly illustrated in complete colour, this publication is an enticing addition to any gaming library.

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After emerging from special terrain onto clear, open ground, a unit can reassume regular formation (if it is otherwise able to do so) for the standard movement cost of 3". Movement costs for various types of special terrain are applied to changes in facing and frontage as well as to normal travel. For example, in accordance with what is given below, the cost for an infantry unit to change frontage in light woods is 3" per 2 figures instead of 2"; a special unit making a left face turn on rough/rocky ground must use 8" of movement instead of 4".

Then, the next time it contacts an enemy unit (either the same one or a different one), it is again eligible to use 12-sided attack dice at the start of that melee. When two numbers are separated by a plus sign, each number refers to a die of a certain type. Both dice are rolled at the same time and hits are tallied for each die individually; the die rolls are not added together into one final attack dice roll result. The number of hits scored by each die is added together to determine the total number of hits inflicted.

If the check succeeds, the charge takes place. If the enemy unit that triggers an opportunity charge was itself charging the unit making the opportunity charge, the two units meet halfway between the locations they occupied when the opportunity charge was declared. (If a player waits too long to declare an opportunity charge, he may discover that the target unit is too close to be within the charging unit's charge range. ) Opportunity Charges Rout Movement An opportunity charge is a charge performed by a player during his opponent's movement step in reaction to an enemy unit's movement.

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