Beaded Treasures by Anja Schlotman-Bakkenes

By Anja Schlotman-Bakkenes

Книга по созданию изделий из бисера.

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Of narrower range than Ruskin, but more intensive in his own direction, Morris gave his life to the determination of the relation between art and labour, and made himself, therefore, the chief exponent of the idea of the Arts and Crafts. Ruskin theorised; Morris demonstrated: henceforth the problem of other workers is that of extension and inclusion. “Poet, artist, manufacturer, and socialist” – these terms describe the life-work of Morris in in its three-fold aspect of artist, craftsman, and social reformer.

It will be remembered that Ruskin promised as the fruit of ideal labour a crown of wild olive, symbolising by this token grey honour and sweet rest. ” Ruskin wrote a pamphlet pleading for the preservation of the great buildings of the past, then neglected and falling to ruins, and out of this suggestion came the Society for the Preservation of Ancient Buildings, in the work of which William Morris figured so conspicuously. As a writer, manufacturer, and distributer of books, he tried to apply the principles of commercial integrity and honour he had advocated.

The essential reward lies naturally in the happiness which the work engenders. Labour that is wholesome exercise, involving the skill and intelligence and character of the individual, is not really labour in the Ruskinian sense, for there is in it no expense of life. By the recognition of the human values of labour the question of wages is rendered of secondary moment. The real demand of workmen who have not been degraded or corrupted by the mammonism of the day is not for higher wages but for better conditions of labour.

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