Beating the King's Indian and Benoni: Shock Your Opponents by Anatoly Vaïsser

By Anatoly Vaïsser

It kind of feels unfair that Black will get all of the attacking possibilities within the common traces of the King's Indian. So, take a tip from the world's No. 1 professional in a pointy method: surprise your rivals with the 4 Pawns assault! Vaisser exhibits that Black has numerous how one can get it wrong, whereas White is risking little if he's well-prepared. His skillful research offers you the sting you must ship Black's king to the guillotine. a realistic bonus from White's standpoint is that the 4 Pawns assault can be used opposed to the Benoni.

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25 ... ) 26 4Jg5! f6 27 d6! adl ~d4 (30 ... bl±. b212) Summerscale-Buckley, Hastings Masters 1995 (black queen on e7, pawns on a2 and a7 and one move less). ae8 28 g3 ~h5? 29 ~xh5 gxh5 30 4Jd6±. b22) 16 ... h6?! ) 17 ... 4Jc5 18 ~xc5 ~xc5 19 e5 dxe5 20 fxe5 4Jd7 (One might suppose that Black has won a tempo compared with variation b 1, but in reality the move ... h7-h6 has just weakened the g6-pawn) 21 e6 4Je5 22 exf7+ 'It>xf7? (22 ... 4Jxf7!? ± 4Jd3? 24 ~d5+ 'It>f6 (24 .... ) 25 ~f3+ 1-0 Vaisser-Le Quang, Ostend 1992.

Ael! xe4 2S 4Jxe4 'iYxe4 26 'iYgS! ) 17 SLbS! el! with a large advantage, Arencibia-Salcedo, Bogota 1990. c) 14 ... 4JeS?! IS a-a-a! xd2 with a clear advantage. d) 14 ... ~xgS IS 'iYxgS and now: dl) IS ... 'iYb6?! 16 a-a-a! xdl SLfS 21 4JdS 4Jc6 22 4Jc7 with a clear edge for White, KuempersEitel, Bayern 1991. d2) IS ... ) 16 ... he 1 with a small but stable advantage for White, Vaisser-Levic, Vrnjacka Banja 1986. d3) IS ... xd8 17 ~f2 ct:Jg4+!? f8 22 d6 with an unpleasant position for Black, Main Line with 9...

Xe5! xb5, when equality is not far off. 12 '2lxe5 12 ... f5?! tg5! ) 13 ... ~b6 14 ctJh4, with an advantage for White. f4 '2lbd7 13 Instead of this solid move, Black can play: a) 13 ... a6?! g. 14 ~d2 '2lbd7 15 d6 b5 16 '2ld5 Ma7, Ellenbroek-Legemaat, Enschede 1995. b) 13 ... txf3 may transpose to 13 ... '2lbd7 after 14 ... CLld7. Less well founded is 14 ... ~f6?! tg3! '2ld7 16 d6 Mb8 17 'it>hl and Black's queen is obliged to go home: 17 ... ~ d8 with a good position for White. c) 13 ... ~b6 may also transpose to 13 ...

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