Beating the Open Games by Mihail Marin

By Mihail Marin

Acclaimed writer and chess grandmaster, Mihail Marin offers a gap repertoire for Black opposed to the Open video games. this suggests supplying a solution to e4, yet no longer contemplating the most traces of the Spanish establishing. This comprises openings comparable to the Scotch, the Vienna, the Spanish trade edition, or even the infamous King's Gambit. Marin makes use of his popular writing abilities to provide an explanation for the guidelines in the back of each one circulate, so Beating the Open video games escapes the normal beginning ebook capture of being a run of the mill record of research. Marin has established the ebook frequently on his personal repertoire and divulges many unique strikes and concepts. After learning this publication the reader won't basically have a very good repertoire but in addition a deeper figuring out of chess.

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Xd5 17 exd5 ':c8 18 ':hf1! with some advantage for White, GhindaBonsch, Halle 1987) 15 ΦbΙ ':c8 (15 ... ~b616 b3;t Gufeld-Georgadze, USSR 1981) 16 ':hf1 b5 17 b3 exf4 18 ':xf4 ~h5? (Timman considers that 18 ... xe7! ~xf4 20 "xf4! h3!! xd7+ "xd7 25 "e5+ "e6 26 "xh8 Φe7 27 "d4 with a winning Scheveningen position for White, Ljubojevic-Timman, Amsterdam 1986. dS and then 9 exdS ltJxd5 1Ο ltJxd5 exd5 is given as unclear by ECO. However, ίη distinction Ιο 8 1:tgl d5, White's rook is still defending the h-pawn, so Whίte might consider 9 eS ltJfd7 10 f4, when 1Ο ...

Game5 - Bischoff Lugano 1986 Νυηη 1 e4 2 lbf3 3 d4 4 lbxd4 5 lbc3 6 g4 cS e6 cxd4 lM6 d6 h6(D) Variαtion 29 :gl and g5, dήving away the knight after all. 7 h4 a6!? Although this is a natural move, ίι οηlΥ became popular ίη the 1980s. lbc6, and this will be examined ίη Game 6, but there is one other important possibilίΙΥ, namely 7... ~e7 (7 ... e5 8 lbf5! ~e6 9 g5lbxe4 10 lbxg7+ ~xg7 11 lbxe4 d5 12 gxh6 ~xh6 13 ~xh6 :xh6 14 'iνd2 1:Ixh4 15 ~b5+ lbc6 16 0-0-0 was very good for White ίη Stanciu-Vegh, Ulan Bator 1986) 8 'iνf3 (D) and now: Β Black avoids having his knight away from f6.

Xb5 cxb5 26 "e31-0. ':e8 11 0-0-0 and now 11 ... a6 transρoses back ίηΙο the main game. f8 12 lDxc6 (12 f4?! xd4 e5) 12 ... d3 g6 15 "f3 with good attackίng chances for White according Ιο Sax. xe5lDxe5 19 "e2 with a powerful attack Ιο come. 11 0-0-0 The move ... :e8 (which is usually followed by ... f8) is a common prophylactic measure against a whίte attack ίη the Sicίlian. Ιη this particular position. though. d3 or 13 f4. Ι (ΙΟ) am. however. recommending a third possibίlity. 13 eS!? (D). :e8 54 Scheveningen Vαriαtion The idea is simple; Ιο open as many lines as possible for White's aggressively placed pieces, especially the diagonals pointing towards the black king.

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