Beyond the Moons (Spelljammer: The Cloakmaster Cycle, Book by David Cook

By David Cook

Little did Teldin Moore be aware of there has been lifestyles past Krynn's moons--until a crashed spelljamming send demolished his farm and altered his lifestyles. With a demise alien's magical cloak and cryptic phrases, Teldin quick discovers that he's a well-liked fellow with killers and cutthroats.

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He had seen enough dead to know it was too late for her. He sat amid the wreckage of his house, the dead female in his arms, and felt indignant, used, and mystified. The creature had no right to die now, he fumed. He had only accepted the cloak to keep her alive. " he asked aloud to no one. He held up an edge of the cloak, looking for mystical symbols or anything. He saw nothing but dark purple cloth. "Why kill yourself to give it to me? " Teldin looked down at the female as if expecting an answer.

Getting facts kept his mind from other things. Gomja pondered a long time, scratching at the dirt with his board while he thought. "We battled a ship of the neogi. They sought to board us and take our crew prisoner. " Teldin said softly, remembering the warning given him by the dying captain- "You must keep it from the neogi"-as she pressed the cloak on him. " Gomja looked surprised at the question, his ears wiggling. "The neogi are ravagers of worlds," he answered, as if explaining the facts every child should know.

I do not know, Liam. I just do not know. Maybe I am not meant to be a farmer. " Teldin rubbed at his short-cropped hair, brushing away a new layer of dirt and ash. " he burst out. "Crops were good. It was peaceful here. I thought, for once, maybe my life could be happy-after the war and all Teldin's voice stopped in a knot of frustration and anger. Liam awkwardly laid a hand on the younger man's shoulder. "Look, we'll just spread the word around. You've got friends here. The Stanish boys, the Harnweilers, even Lur Dal would come help.

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