Bioestadistica: una perspectiva bayesiana by Jose Miguel Bernardo

By Jose Miguel Bernardo

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Selmarten‚ Olga I. Micic‚ and Arthur J. Nozik‚ Anti-Stokes photoluminescence in colloidal semiconductor quantum dots‚ Applied Physics Letters 75‚ 971-973 (1999). Philippe Guyot-Sionnest‚ and Margaret A. Hines‚ Intraband transition in semiconductor nanocrystals‚” Applied Physics Letters 72‚ 686-688 (1998). Mark E. Schmidt‚ Sean A. Blanton‚ Margaret A. Hines‚ and Philippe Guyot-Sionnest‚ Polar CdSe nanocrystals: Implications for electronic structure‚ Journal of Chemical Physics 106‚ 5254-5259 (1997).

Alferov‚ Ultranarrow luminescence lines from single quantum dots‚ Physical Review Letters 74‚ 4043-4046 (1995). Mohammad El-Said‚ Study of the energy level-crossings in quantum dots‚ Solid State Communications 97‚ 971-971 (1996). T. Inoshita and H. Sakaki‚ Electron-phonon intercation and the so-called phonon bottleneck effect in semiconductor quantum dots‚ Physics B 227‚ 373-377 (1996). S. Komiyama‚ O. Astafiev‚ V. Antonov‚ T. Kutsuwa‚ and H. Hirai‚ A single-photon detector in the far-infrared range‚ Nature 403‚ 405-407 (2000).

In a similar manner‚ a nanocrystal with a net positive or negative charge will attract charge of the opposite sign from the electrolyte. In past applications of quantum dots‚ the quantum dots are coated with a protective layer such as a polymeric layer or silica that screens the quantum dots from the electrolytic environments found in biological systems. These protective layers render the optical properties of the quantum dots relatively insensitive to the electrolytic environment. However‚ if the quantum dot or some other nanoscale structure is to be integrated with a biological structure‚ it is necessary to consider the case where the nanostructure is in direct contact with the biological structure or biological environment.

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