Biofertilizer Manual by Dr. Pham Van Toan

By Dr. Pham Van Toan

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Detail of gamma-irradiation will be described in another chapter. In brief, carrier material is packed in thin-walled polyethylene bag, and then gamma-irradiated at 50 kGy (5 Mrads). Another way of carrier sterilization is autoclaving. Carrier material is packed in partially opened, thin-walled polypropylene bags and autoclaved for 60 min at 121 ºC. It should be noted that during autoclaving, some materials changes their properties and produce toxic substance to some bacterial strains. 4. Appendix As an example of the manipulation of rhizobial inoculant, our paper entitled “Enhanced Growth and Nodule Occupancy of Red Kidney Bean and Soybean Inoculated with Soil Aggregate-Based Inoculant” printed in Soil Science and Plant Nutrition (48 (2), 251-259, 2002) will be useful.

Soil + superphosphat (60kg/ha) + 32P labelled solution 3. A. of harvested plant material per treatment: 1. A. plant = 823 Bq/mg P 2. A. plant = 398 Bq/mg P 3. A. 4 % % Pdf - superphosphate = 100 – 48. 11 kg superphosphate. References 1. Nguyen Kha Hoa, Dang Duc Nhan (1994): Study on the use of P solubilizing biofertilizer in planting coffee trees by isotope labelled technique. Nuclear techniques in biological and agricultural research. Scientific and Technical Publishing House, Hanoi, 1994, 111-116.

Harper (Univerisity of Illinois) and introduced by Takahashi and Ohyama (1993). Ureide-N Ureide-N concentration is determined by Young-Conway method (1942). 083M NaOH solution is added. 3) Heat the test tubes in boiling water bath for 8 min. All the allantoin is degraded into allantoic acid by alkali hydrolysis. 4) Cool the test tubes in cool-water. 5) 1 mL of ice-cooled phenylhydrazinium solution is added. 65M HCl solution. Cool in ice water bath before use. 6) Heat the test tubes in boiling water bath for 2 min.

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