Biology: Nasta Edition (PART 2 of 2) by Campbell, Reece

By Campbell, Reece

Biology: Nasta variation [Hardcover]

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Instead of being harvested, the legume crop is often plowed under so that it will decompose as "green manure," reducing the need for manufactured fertilizers. Many plant families besides legumes include species that benefit from mutualistic nitrogen fixation. 18). Rice, a crop of great commercial importance, benefits indirectly from mutualistic nitrogen fixation. Rice farmers culture a free-floating aquatic fern, Azolla, which has mutualistic cyanobacteria that fix nitrogen. The growing rice eventually shades and kills the Azolla, and decomposition ofthis nitrogen-rich organic material increases the paddy's fertility.

3 The development of male and female gametophytes in angiosperms. C~APTE~ T~IUY·EIGHT Angiosperm Reproduction and Biotechnology 803 The surviving megaspore continues to grow, and its nucleus divides by mitosis three times without cytokinesis, resulting in one large cell with eight haploid nuclei. Membranes then partition this mass into a multicellular female gametophyte-the embryo sac. Three of the cells within the embryo sac are near the micropyle: the egg cell and tv,'O cells called synergids.

E. that is near a body of water, such as a pond or river. 10. Carnivorous adaptations of plants mainly compensate for soil that has a relatively low content of a. potassium. b. nitrogen. c. calcium. d. water. e. phosphate. 11 . •• I/WIII Dmw a simple sketch of cation exchange, showing a root hair, a soil particle with anions, and a hydrogen ion displacing a mineral cation. For &IFQuiz answers, see Appendix A. (omfora Practice Test. EVOLUTION CONNECTION 12. 9. Write a paragraph explaining how soil bacteria could sustain the recycling of nitrogen before land plants evolved.

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