Blackstaff (Forgotten Realms: The Wizards) by Steven E. Schend

By Steven E. Schend

Khelben Arunsun, selected of Mystra, Archmage of Waterdeep, is as as regards to a demigod as you're more likely to meet at the streets of Faerûn's mightiest urban. but if the skies rain lightning and a long-forgotten urban arises from the earth, he can appear like simply one other wizard.

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He then traveled the land, seeking weapon masters to teach him and then killing them to ensure their secrets spread no further. This brutal war­ rior dreams of becoming an exarch ofGruumsh before slaying the god offury and taking his place. Thar Medium natura l humanoid, dragonborn Level 11 Elite Brute XP 1,200 Scorn for the Weak; aura 1; when an enemy within the aura spends a healing surge, Thar can make an opportunity attack against that enemy. Initiative +5 Senses Perception +12 HP 274; Bloodied 137; see also death fury AC 23; Fortitude 24, Reflex 23, Will 24 Speed 6 Action Points 1 CD Greataxe (standard; at·will) + Weapon +16 vs.

He desperately wishes to strike a blow not only for Moradin, but for his lost family. Vengeance will be his, and his god's apparent blessing makes it all the sweeter. As it happens , the priests of Gruumsh do indeed plan to destroy Hammerfast, as unconvinced as the members of the Circle that the compact of the gods will bring about their destruction. A dragonborn champion ofGruumsh named Thar plans to awaken the slumber­ ing dragon Calastryx and unleash it as a devastating weapon against the Nentir Vale.

When Hammerfast becomes a burning wreck, they can pick among the ruins for the choicest pieces of treasure. Here are some suggested creatures to use when designing adventures involving Thar and his followers: • dragonborn gladiator (level 10 solider, Monster Manual page 86) • dragonborn soldier (level 5 soldier, Monster Manual page 86) • griffon (level 7 brute, Monster Manual page 147) • human cavalier (level 7 soldier [leader]. ~. ~~ . ~\ ~ ~ l1[; ~# #1':/ V( Iii' . ~ / //' ~ ~ ........... Thar's warriors keep to Forgepeak, where they have fortified the entrance to Calastryx's lair.

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