Bleeding Edge Adventures #4: A Dreadful Dawn by Matthew J. Hanson

By Matthew J. Hanson

Bleeding facet Adventures #4: A Dreadful sunrise (PDF)
A third period myth experience for 4th to sixth point Characters
Author: Matthew J. Hanson
Cover Artist: Lisa Wood
Format: 32 web page PDF
A 2.8 MB download
Version 3.5 ideas Compatible

Twisted Plots, unlimited Evil

The guffawing Badger has lengthy been a favored cease for tourists, retailers, and adventurers certain for far-off lands. The final cease at the fringes of civilization, this hotel bargains a hot mattress, superb meal, and the corporate of a pleasant and alluring employees. humans from miles round all agree that the giggling Badger is with no peer. nobody could consider harming the relatives that runs this wonderful institution ... until eventually now.

A Dreadful sunrise, the fourth of eco-friendly Ronin's Bleeding part adventures, unearths the characters combating for his or her lives within the unlikeliest of locations: among the comforts of a great hotel. during this interesting new state of affairs, the desktops are drawn right into a sinister plot by means of a vicious cult with their very own plans for this blameless kinfolk and their visitors. The characters needs to retailer the innkeepers from a ugly evening of homicide, terror, and appalling violence, and defeat the servants of the foul God of Slaughter ahead of it's too late.

Inside this interesting new event, you'll find:

* a completely distinctive tavern entire with statistics and outlines for all locations.
* An complicated state of affairs that evolves in keeping with the PCs' actions.
* A dreadful dungeon complicated jam-packed with traps, monsters, and a ailing cult with foul ambitions.
* A slew of special and compelling NPCs excellent so as to add on your ongoing campaigns.

This experience, like different Bleeding side adventures, bargains a fancy plot, a solid of special characters, and lethal encounters. A Dreadful sunrise is brim-full of dynamic environments and constructed NPCs that, while mixed, promise to take your video games to the Bleeding fringe of event!

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Special Actions feat of strength +1, greater turning 1/day, turn undead 7/day (+3, 2d6+5, 4th) Combat Gear holy water, potion of bear’s endurance, potion of bull’s strength, potion of cure moderate wounds, 2 scrolls of command, 2 scrolls of divine favor, 2 scrolls of sanctuary, wand of cure light wounds (25 charges) Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 4th): 2nd—aid, align weapon, bull’s strength, heat metal (DC 15)D 1st—bless, divine favor, enlarge personD, magic weapon, shield of faith 0—detect magic, guidance, light, resistance, virtue D: Domain spell.

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