Buddhism and Violence by Michael Zimmermann

By Michael Zimmermann

This quantity reports the proof that, at specific moments of their historical past and in convinced features in their doctrines, the traditions of Buddhism, like different non secular traditions, have actively or passively promoted - and should proceed to advertise - violent modes of habit or structural violence. The articles during this quantity disguise a vast spectrum of the Buddhist international in time period of areas and sessions. They take care of points of violence beginning in India ahead of the typical period and varying to the aid of eastern militarism by way of Buddhist leaders a long way into the 20 th century.

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He receives much praise for his behavior, among others from the Buddha himself. 63 This narrative was, by the way, long ago mentioned by Ibid. 133-46 (No. 92 [Sthavira]). Ibid. 179-85 (No. thanks to a good deed performed in a former life as proof of his view. Filliozat's interpretation cannot be 61 62 43 Martin Delhey Speyer, who cites it as an example of the fact that the widespread Indian belief according to which one can detennine one's own future destiny, by the thoughts and wishes at the hour of death can playa major role in the decision to commit suicide.

1987),31 and 326-8. I have not tried to investigate the opinions held by present-day Japanese Pure Land Buddhists regarding suicide. IT ng to the period and variety of Buddhism examined. ;oblem have been examined, and this, above all, in a preliminary fashion, E; Finally, a whole assortment of factors that may be influential in sl)apiLwping views on suicide have been virtually disregarded in this article.

257c16-7; cf. 358c4-12. 0 0 41 Martin Delhey The literary geme of Buddhist narratives from India can broadly be divided into two categories: apart from the jiitakas, which are, preoccupied with the Buddha's former existences, there are the other avadiinas that in a similar way narrate the destiny of all kinds of other persons, for instance, released disciples of the Buddha or hungry ghosts (preta). As is well known, the jiitakas abound in stories relating the Bodhisattva's acts of self-sacrifice.

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