C.O.O.L. chess by Paul Motwani

By Paul Motwani

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1:tge8 25 llJxe6 1:txe6 26 1:Ixd5+ Φe7 27 1:Ixe6+ Φχe6 28 :d8+, and the discovered check wins the bIack rook οη a8. However, Grandmaster Bogdan Lalic demonstrated the best path for BIack with 7••• cxd4! xb4 'iiVxb4+ 12 'ii'd2 'ίi'xd2+ 13 ~xd2 ~e7 tA-tA. , intending Ιο meet 15 1Σel by 15 ... ~d6 and ... e5. So White might prefer 14 1:tel or 14l2Jd3, with an approximately level position. d3 was my choice against ΙΜ Colin Crouch at the 1992 Isle of Man international toumament. Black must avoid 8...

Afterwards, Jon stated •Α lack of freedom for the pieces is a serious weakness ίη the position, even if ίι has ηο structural weaknesses'. Jon' s wise and helpful words became indelibly imprinted ίη my memory, but more importantly Ι learned from them, and ίη subsequent games Ι set out consistently to free the pieces. L. (creative original opening lines). We begin with a miniature which a grandmaster is toppled a mere 15 moves. Lau Dresden 1996 Owen's Defence 1 d4 2 e4 e6 b6(D) w This characteήses Owen's Defence.

Merits attention, although Motwani-Hynes, Blackpool Ζ 1990, continued 10 tba4 29 "iia5 11 tbb6 tbxb6 12 cxb6 ~c5 13 ~xc5 "iixc5 14 "iif2 'iYxf2+ 15 ~xf2 ':b8 16 ~e3 with some advantage Ιο White at that stage (due Ιο Black's bishop being restricted), but eventually ending ίη a draw at move 60. xc5 tbxc5 11 ~d3 b4 11 ... tbxd3+ would favour White after either 12 'iixd3 or 12 cxd3. 11 is true, ίη general, that the bishop is a slightly stronger piece than the knight, due Ιο its longer range capabilities, but here we have one of the exceptions.

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