Catalog of Chess Mistakes by Andrew Soltis

By Andrew Soltis

Booklet by way of Soltis, Andrew

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C5 = Spassky-Fischer, Sveti StefanlBelgrade (4) 1992. The position is balanced although Fischer later went astray and lost. l:Ic7 15 ttJce5 J::lac8 = Tunik-Rublevsky, Russia 1996. •.

Tg5+ lLl7f6 15 id5! with a strong attack. b7 (D) 13lLld2 13 a3 g6 (13 ... h6 is slightly better for White, RashkovskyNikitin, Tula 1999; 13 ... ZimmermanFancsy, Hungarian Cht 1997/S. e7 14 ~g4 0-0 This move was Kasparov's improvement over 14 ... g6 15 lLl2f3 lLlb4?! (the safest choice is B 9... bxa4 Liquidating some of the queenside pawns is safest here - White has good attacking chances after 9 ... g5 (Lautier-Markowski, Rethymnon ECC 2003) 13 ... tb7 15 lLld2 with compensation for the pawn according to Lautier.

Xe4 11 ~xf6 ~xd3 12 ~xe7 'it>xe7 (12 ... "fiIxd1 13 l::txd1 - 1O... c8 is fine for Black) 13. ~xf3 (13. d8!? ac1 'Llc6 17 'Lld4 b4 = Shulman-Vaulin, Minsk 1997. xf6 11 e5 ~e7 12 dxc5 'Lld7 !? (the safer alternative is 12 ... ie7 =) 13 b4 ~xf3 14 ~xf3'Llxe5 15 "fiIe4! 'Llxd3 (15 ... ~f6!? if6 19'Llc3 0-0-0 Shulman-Rublevsky, Ohrid Ech 2001. 'LldS Black can also consider 1O... 'Llfd7!? xe7 "fiIxe7 with equal chances. :~Vxe7 12 dxc5 'Lld7 also equalizes. 12 'Llbd2 cxd4 13 'Lle4 O-O! Safeguarding the king is more accurate than the nervous 13 ...

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