Character Record Sheets (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd by Inc. TSR

By Inc. TSR

Characters' names, talents, own assets, and extra should be recorded on those new sheets. Now formatted basically for extra spontaneous role-playing enjoyable. Illustrated.

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Elbereth (NG em F10): Elbereth is the king of the elves of Shilmista Forest. He is fearless in battle and quite skilled with long sword and longbow. He can shoot from horseback nearly as well as on foot, and he wields his long sword (a long sword of sharpness +3 that glows with a blue flame along the blade) with a vengeance against enemies of the elves. Danilo Thann Human male 13th level bard (Formerly 9th-level mage, 3rd-level fighter) ARMOR CLASS: 7 MOVE: 12 HIT POINTS: 60 THAC0: 14 NO. OF ATTACKS: 2 or 1 ALIGNMENT: Chaotic good (neutral tendencies) STR 16, DEX 17, CON 15, INT 18, WIS 16, CHA 18 Spells (3/3/3/2/1 as bard plus 4/3/3/2/1 as mage): 1st— affect normal fires, alarm, audible glamer, cantrip, change self, dancing lights, enlarge, grease, jump, message, phantasmal force, unseen servant; 2nd— detect invisibility, ESP, fool’s gold, levitate, magic mouth, misdirection, rope trick, whispering wind; 3rd— clairaudience, clairvoyance, dispel magic, gust of wind, illusionary script, item, suggestion; 4th— charm monster, emotion (friendship, happiness, and hope only), enchanted weapon, magic mirror, hallucinutory terrain; 5th— advanced illusion, telekinesis, teleport.

Personality: The most shy and withdrawn of all of the Seven (though with sisters like Dove’s that’s not saying much), Dove is quiet, capable, and unflappable. Her capacity for calm often astonishes people. Nobles find it disconcerting to listen to her describe the incredibly dangerous adventures in which she’s taken part, while her voice remains steady and without inflection throughout the telling. Adventuring companions are equally nonplused when Dove casually wades into battle against the fiercest, deadliest foes with a calm smile on her lips.

If pressed, he’ll defend himself to the best of his ability. Allies/Companions: King A ZOUN IV of Cormyr; VANGERDAHAST, his best friend; Winefiddle (see below); his wife Leona and five daughters. Foes/Enemies: None currently, although those who wish to strike at Azoun personally could make Dimswart their target. 38 Appearance: Short and getting stout as he nears old age, Dimswart has gray hair and sparkling blue eyes. Personality: Affable and talkative, “the Sage of Suzail” loves a good story. He knows many, but is always looking for more.

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