Cherished Dolls To Make For Fun by Better Homes and Gardens

By Better Homes and Gardens

Make your individual customized dolls!

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He says the benefits of quick sketching are: the ability to capture the essence of a pose, to acquire believability in your drawing, to sharpen your awareness of "grid" or ground planes and backgrounds, a greater familiarity with depth, perspective and 3rd dimension, also frees you from thinking in terms of the standard 3/4 front or rear view. Here is a sampling from just a few of his sketchbooks: 21 Gesture Drawing For Animation 22 Chapter 2: The Animator's Sketchbook 23 Gesture Drawing For Animation 24 Chapter 2: The Animator's Sketchbook 25 Gesture Drawing For Animation 26 Chapter 2: The Animator's Sketchbook Note Taking and Sketching If you haven't been a note taker — become one.

It's a wonderful means of focusing the mind. 29 Gesture Drawing For Animation I was working on an inspirational book for artists who find themselves in the doldrums. These suggestions for a title could have been jotted down in a restaurant or while driving... Good Habits People usually do what they are in the habit of doing. That may seem like an obvious thing to say, but it is significant in a number of ways. Arguing in its favor, it is a comfortable way of living. There are a minimum of decisions that require attention, and hopefully the things you are in the habit of doing and the manner in which you do them are compatible with your idea of the "ideal" life.

I sketched these abstracted shapes of some familiar (male) body types. If when drawing from life you can spot one of these shapes (or one of your own design) in the character you are drawing, it will save you the agony of searching for lines on the model to copy. If you know the overall abstract shape you are dealing with, it will be easier to apply that to the gesture. Finding the abstract in the gesture itself will help too. Take a moment to study the type of body build, forming an abstract shape of it in your mind, then do the same with the overall pose.

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