Chess Exam And Training Guide: Rate Yourself And Learn How by Igor Khmelnitsky

By Igor Khmelnitsky

This publication deals a distinct method of chess self-evaluation and coaching. it is going to solution the 2 commonest questions that avid gamers ask an skilled trainer - what's my precise ranking (or strengths and weaknesses)? How do I increase? The readers will locate: a hundred diagrams & two hundred overall questions of assorted trouble. accomplished solutions comprise diagrams for simple analyzing clear of the chessboard. Distributions of solutions, percentiles and different statistical studies through ranking crew from unrated to 2400+. fit your self opposed to avid gamers of all degrees, as much as grandmaster and notice the way you top off. effects evaluated and score assigned total & by way of 12 particular different types: starting, Middlegame, Endgame, assault, protection, Counterattack, strategies, approach, Calculations, normal Positions (Endgame), Sacrifices, spotting Threats. complete reviews on all the different types with examples, education suggestions and book/materials feedback The publication might be crucial examining for everybody who performs chess since it will: a. aid them to appreciate their present scenario through picking out their strengths and weaknesses; b. provide them transparent causes on the right way to enhance, either in suggesting the precise education fabrics and in outlining the educational equipment; c. inspire gamers to set up after which persist with a dependent education plan; d. relieve player's nervousness by way of assuring that there's lots of support to be had to those that have an interest in figuring out the sport greater and enhance their abilities; e. offer avid gamers with technique of getting all their questions spoke back through well timed suggestion from skilled coaches and likewise their friends.

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ES?! (9 ... 4JdbS exf4 (10 ... dS! 'ifd6! 0-0~ with a tremendous attack that probably outweighs the sacrificed piece. f3 'ifb6?! An ambitious continuation, nowadays obsolete, though it virtually forces White to give up a pawn. It is the only move that gives a certain independence to the 7 ... d6 line. 0-0 transposes to the normal Dragon. 0 8 ... ~d7 This will eventually transpose to lines examined in the chapter on the Dragon. 0 8 ... 4Jd7?! ii,b3! h4 tt:Jas?! ( 10 ... hS 1 1. 'it'd3! axb3± . The knight has moved too many times, to end up on b6 without prospects: 12 ...

E4 c5 2. d4 cxd4 4. 0-0! I still like the natural move. 9 ... h3! f3, which could, however, promise a similar edge. 11 ... e8 11 ... 'iVd3! ite6 This move deserves serious attention, since Black gets a quick development, a good defence of his isolated pawn and some tricks against White's castled king. 12 ... ) 13 ... d2 (with this plan, White exerts very strong pressure on the isolated pawn and it is not easy for Black to cope with it and find an active plan at the same time) 14 ... tt:Jxb3?! tLla4;l; Martin Gonzalez-Hernandez Jimenez, Catalunya-ch 2000.

I .. + Finally White has played this appealing move when Black can't interpose his knight on e5, and is forced to make more serious positional concessions. ~g5! d6 In order to develop the bishop on e6, the alternative being b7: 17 ... lt::lc4±. b3 To use the outpost c4 for the pieces. '::o 8 b l:I •• ' l:I w For the rest of the game, which is beyond our scope, we will make use of Anand's notes for Chess Informant. 33 ... 'i¥d5t). fl, f4__.. 34 .. f4 35J:t:d2? lt::lb4! 'i¥c3! (with the idea 36 ...

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