Chess for Tigers by Simon Webb

By Simon Webb

The Tiger is a vicious beast. He doesn’t care concerning the aesthetic aspect of chess. He doesn’t even care approximately making the “best” strikes. All he cares approximately is profitable. This publication will flip avid gamers into Tigers who could make the main in their taking part in energy, reap the benefits of their opponent’s weaknesses, steer the sport into positions that prefer their type of play, enhance their odds of successful opposed to enhanced avid gamers, and stay away from making foolish error. A cult vintage within the chess world—now in its 3rd up to date and revised edition—this is a must have for all chess gamers, specially novices.

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H 7 �d8-e7! 20 �c3-c2 21 g2-g4!? l:b7-c7 Still intent on attacking, rather than trying to consolidate his two extra pawns, which might allow Black some sort of attack on the Q-side. h 79 78 Fortune favours the lucky Fortune favours the lucky a b c d e f g 25 ... 'i;e7? l::ld 8+ 'It>f7 28 1:th6 +, among other things. h 8 8 7 7 26 6 6 Threatening some nasty discovered checks. How would you continue? c8-b7! Continuing to put pieces on active squares, without any definite follow­ up in mind. The position is now so unclear that this is the only sensible approach - just play actively and quickly, and hope something turns up.

If you want to make the most of your ability to get good positions, you must not only learn the technique of how to convert them into wins, but you must also find a way to develop this Killer Instinct, so that you can bring your full powers of concentration to bear against stubborn opponents. To do this, you must find some way of convincing yourself that each game is of vital importance. If you can't pretend that your opponent is World Champion, try imagining that you are playing for some large amount of money, or that he is your worst enemy.

LIe7 or 25 ... :tc7. White couldn't then afford to play 26 l:tO, for the rook would be pinned by 26 ... "ifc6, after which Black can easily keep his f­ pawn protected. When playing for a draw, there is a natural tendency to try to simplify the position at the cost of going on the defensive, as long as you can see that the resulting ending is drawn. In a position like this, however, almost any move should draw, so there is no reason to make forcing moves. It's better to look for the strongest moves, just as you would if you were trying to win the position.

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