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Opening for White According to Kramnik 1.Nf3 Book 1a (Repertoire Books)

The 1st quantity of the highly regarded sequence "Opening for White based on Kramnik" was once released six years in the past. Now 14th global champion Alexander Khalifman provides the viewers with completely new books. quantity 1a covers the outdated Indian Defence, Anti-Gruenfeld, and not more renowned strains of the King's Indian Defence.

How to Beat 1 D4: A Sound and Ambitious Repertoire Based on the Queen's Gambit Accepted

Rizzitano, writer of realizing Your Chess, provides a whole repertoire for Black opposed to 1 d4, in accordance with the Queen's Gambit authorised (QGA). The QGA is a really well known beginning among avid gamers of all degrees, because it provides Black loose improvement and counterpunching capability, specifically if White takes up the problem and attempts to establish a huge pawn centre.

The Hippopotamus Rises: The Re-Emergence of a Chess Opening

The hippopotamus, as each great online game hunter is aware, is a deceptively harmful beast. And so, within the chess global, is the Hippopotamus security. To rivals strange with it, it seems to be awkward and unaggressive—until it crushes the lifestyles out in their favourite openings. Andrew Martin analyzes the elemental strikes and key adaptations of the Hippopotamus, exhibiting with illustrative video games the way it confuses the common participant but is inherently sound sufficient for Grandmaster festival.

The Slav Move by Move

It is a new sequence which gives an excellent platform to review chess openings. through continuously hard the reader to reply to probing questions in the course of the e-book, flow by means of stream drastically encourages the training and practicing of important abilities simply up to the conventional assimilation of commencing wisdom.

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Bf1 Nxb5 46. Bg7 with the idea of f4-f5 looks imposing) 45. Kxe2 Re6 46. Rh7 Bxg2 47. Kf2 Bd5 48. Rxa7 Kxb5 49. Bxd4. 44. Rxg6 Nxe2 45. Kxe2 a5 Black is a pawn down but looks to generate fast play with his a-pawn. White knows that this opposite-color bishop endgame is anything but drawn. 46. Rxg7 47. Bxg7 Kc5 48. g5 Kd5 49. g6 b5 50. Bf6 Bc8 51. Bd8 White’s first task is to render Black’s queenside duo immobile. Then, all White need do is begin pushing his own pawns. 51. a4 52. g7 Be6 53. Be7 Bg8 54.

After less than six hours of sleep, he was up again talking to Miron, for some last minute advice. m. game, the jitters were gone. m. worrying about how to channel Alexander Morozevich. Littlejohn had suggested a line in the 4. Ng5 Two Knights Defense that Morozevich tried against Sergey Karjakin in a blitz game about a year ago. At first he thought Kris was kidding. But as the sun rose he decided that White’s play was indeed promising. The gamble worked. Nakamura’s 22move win over Friedel was a shocker, and Hess was naturally disappointed to see Josh go down so quickly, after Nakamura artfully trapped his queen.

Another chase with 80. Rh5! 81. Rd3 Rh3! 82. Be3 Rh8+ 83. Kc7 Rh7+ 84. Kc6 Rc7+! And the draw can be held. 81. Bd8 Rh7 82. Ra5+ Ra7 83. Rb5 Rb7 84. Rh5 Rf7 85. Ra5+ Ra7 86. Rb5 Rb7 87. Re5 Rh7 88. Re1 Rb7 89. Ra1+ Ra7 90. Rb1 Rb7 91. Re1 Rh7 92. Re2 Rb7 93. Be7?? The right way to win is 93. Rc2 Rg7 94. Rc1 Rh7 (94. Rb7 95. Bc7 Rb8+ 96. ) 95. Bc7 Rh8+ 96. Kd7 Kb7 97. Rb1+ Ka6 98. Kc6 Rh6+ 99. Bd6 Rh5 100. Rb8 Rh7 101. Bf8 Ka7 102. Rb4 Ka8 103. Rd4 Rb7 104. Re4 but of course it is not easy to do in practice.

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