Chess Life - October 2008 by Daniel Lucas

By Daniel Lucas

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It can move to exactly eight squares on the entire chessboard. If placed on c1, the total of the eight squares to which it can reach is, amazingly, 260. The same is true for the rook, or the jumping rukh, which jumps vertically or horizontally over the intervening square. When placed on its starting square, c1, then after eight jumps, the magical sum of 260 is obtained. Similarly, the knight’s jump on the Safadi board magically produces the constant 260 after eight jumps. C. Chess Life — October 2008 35 CL_09-2008_K-12_JP_r1:chess life 8/31/2008 2008 9:06 PM Page 1 NATIONAL SCHOLASTIC K-12 CHAMPIONSHIP December 12-14, 2008 DISNEY’S CORONADO RESORT 1000 W.

Bughouse: Trophies to be announced. Name____________________________________USCF ID #_____________________________Rating____________________________________ Address______________________________________________City________________________________State____________Zip_____________ e-mail Address__________________________________________________________________________________________________________ School____________________________________________________________________Grade _________________________________________ Bye Requested: Rd.

Ba4 12. … 13. h3 13. ** Par Score: 5 Bd7 Black pins and essentially wins the knight. ** Par Score: 5 White drives back the knight to where it comes under fire from the c1-bishop. This will keep the g7-bishop occupied so it can’t lop off the e5-pawn. ** Par Score: 5 White saves both knight and c-pawn. The e5-pawn is indirectly held, since 16. … Bxe5 is met by 17. Bxh6 (1 bonus point). At the moment Black has four pieces in the field to White’s one, but that will quickly change after Bc1-g5 and N1c3, both moves coming with tempo.

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