Chess Secrets: The Giants of Strategy: Learn from Kramnik, by Neil McDonald

By Neil McDonald

It's very solid ebook, my son instructed me so. He accomplished the publication in a single week. i believe he'll learn again and again extra.

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F5 is too loosening the immediate 40 ttJc5 might be a strong reply. 40 'iVe2 'iVb7 It is likely that the game was adjourned at this point (assuming that the time control was at 40 moves). Therefore we can see a pragmatic value to Petrosian's patient play: he has delayed 61 Chess Secrets: The Giants committing himself to a kingside attack so that he can work out the tactical variations in the quiet of his hotel room. 41g4/ The pawns in front of the black king will be gradually stripped away. •. g7 45 hxg6 'li'xg6 46 'li'h4 iLe7 47 'iVf2f Here we see the superior mobility of the white that was discussed at move 27 above.

S£3 wins the queen (here we see the value of 2S ... h6 in preventing the reply 27 'ifgS). That only leaves pawn moves. :Sf3! txf3 ':h2 mate. If 26 a3, Black replies 26 ... aS to keep the status quo on the queenside. 'it>h7 or ... t>h8 to force White to self destruct. The same goes for 26 h4 'it>h7 etc. Apart from his game with Johner (see Chapter Eight) this is probably Nimzowitsch's most famous effort. 35 Chapter Two I The Outpost and the Open File In Chapter One we examined the methods by which our chess giants planned the invasion of the seventh rank and, once it was achieved, the techniques that they used to exploit their well-placed rook or rooks.

Yes, the knight is in great comfort on f5, and by blocking the f-file it frees the rook on £8 from having to defend £7. So what exactly are we complaining about? The point is that on d5 the knight would have a blockading function independent of its own worth as a piece. In that respect a black pawn on d5 would be equally valuable: shift the black pawn from b5 and put it on d5, and suddenly Black has an excellent game. You may have noticed that the white bishop on g5 is, according to general principles, a 'bad bishop' because White's centre pawns are on the dark squares c5 and e5.

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