Chill. Stress-Reducing Techniques for a More Balanced, by Deborah Reber

By Deborah Reber

Your day starts off at 6am and ends at midnight—if you are lucky.
You stay alongside of all 2 hundred of your folks on Facebook.
You essentially invented the be aware "multitasking."
Sound familiar?  you are not alone.  you're a part of the main overscheduled, overprogrammed, and beaten iteration at the planet.  And kick back can assist deal with it all!  it is only a subject of getting the ideal body of mind.  So chill out, take a deep breath...and kick back.

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The result? Chronic stress. Your body starts exhibiting classic stress symptoms all the time. Instead of giving you a boost to power through an emergency, the stress starts wearing you down. And that’s when the trouble begins. What Stress Does Being seriously stressed out can cause all kinds of not-so-pleasant side effects, including: ■ trouble sleeping ■ tense muscles and muscle pain ■ stomachaches, digestion problems, and/or constipation ■ headaches, including migraines ■ irritability and moodiness ■ feeling down about everything ■ impaired cognitive functioning ■ unexpected emotional outbursts (such as crying or laughing for no reason) ■ an irregular heartbeat or rapid heart rate ■ lowered immunity (being more susceptible to illness or rashes) ■ difficulty concentrating ■ acne Dealing with even one of these symptoms on a regular basis would wreak havoc on your peace factor.

Time management techniques take the mystery out of the equation. Plainly put: PLAN OF ACTION = PEACE OF MIND. Time Management 101 WHAT TO DO My book Doable: The Girls’ Guide to Accomplishing Just About Anything is all about how to achieve your goals and get it all done, but here is the CliffsNotes version as it relates to time management. How you go about managing your time will depend on the task(s) or event(s) you’re dealing with. Creating a schedule for a school project will be different from figuring out how to juggle your busy social life.

Other times, it’s about being honest with yourself about what you can and can’t accomplish. Sometimes it’s about arranging your schedule to fit in an extra task or event that’s important to you. Sometimes it’s about assessing all you’ve got going on in your life and realizing when you need to take something off your plate (see Chapter 5 for more on saying no to an opportunity or obligation). One thing time management always involves? Figuring out the tasks at hand and coming up with a plan for executing them.

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