Cholera (Deadly Diseases and Epidemics) by William Coleman

By William Coleman

Cholera is among the oldest identified and best-understood infectious illnesses. Thriving in unclean water, it continues to be a wide-spread killer in nations the place sanitary water resources are scarce. This publication describes the background of this infectious disorder and discusses features that permit the microorganism to reason critical illnesses.

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D i s t a n ces from the water pump. Sanitary con d i ti ons were s i milar in other areas of the neighborhood, but there were few or no cases of cholera in the vicinity of other water pumps. This convinced Dr. Snow that this cholera outbreak was the result of drinking water from the Broad Street water pump. 03 Cholera 028-035 2/15/08 8:04 AM Page 33 Dr. 3. Using his map of cholera deaths, John Snow also mapped out the location of water pumps. He discovered that many of the cholera cases centered around one particular pump.

It is secreted across the outer bacterial membrane of the Gram negative cholera bacilli into the external environm ent wh i ch su rrounds the bacterial cells. Two pro teins form a structu re called the A su bunit. Five other proteins form a porti on of the toxin called the B su bunit. ” There are two parts to the A protein, subunit A1 and subunit A2. These are connected by a disulfide bond. Subunit A 2 is a long protein docked within the “donut” of the B portion of the proteins. It has a structure called an α-helix (alpha-helix).

Snow began to take a close look at case studies of cholera. One case, that of John Harnold, a seaman who in the autumn of 1848 arrived in London by steamer from Hamburg, G ermany, was quite intriguing. Cholera was raging in Hamburg, and John Harnold was ill. He died of cholera within a few hours a f ter the first symptoms appe a red. Eight days later, a man who rented the room that Mr. Harnold had used also died of cholera. The doctor attending him, however, did not. Dr. Snow wanted to know why two men had died, yet the third had not.

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