Circle of Darkness (AD&D Roleplaying, Ravenloft Adventure) by Scott Bittner

By Scott Bittner

Circle of Darkness is a perilous event for heroes prepared to stand not just the darkish Lord of G'Henna, but in addition the higher evil which threatens to beat him. The destiny of a complete area is within the heroes' arms!

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Anodynic Sanctum At first glance, this room appears to be some type of laboratory or medical surgery. At the center of the room is a 7-fOOt long table with leather restraining straps. Around the table are four benches, each large enough for a humansized figure to lie down upon. Like several other rooms, a faint smell of rot hangs in the air, and along one wall are cages with the carcasses of long-dead animals. This room features a powerful enchantment. It was built by the wizard to serve as a source of healing when he or his apprentices were injured in the course of experiments.

However, the golem will not harm books. A bone golem is immune to most spells, though a powerful shatter spell can destroy it. Bone golems can only be damaged by +2 or better weapons and possess undead immunities. They suffer only half damage from edged or piercing weapons. A bone golem attacks with a powerful toothy, barbed limb for 3d8 points of damage. Once every three rounds it can issue a hideous laugh which cause all who hear it to make both a Fear and a Horror check. Those failing one check are paralyzed for 2d6 rounds.

6. Watching Lyos s the heroes move toward the mongrelman camp, they are watched from the moment 1 they leave Zhukar. The mongrels are experts at camouflage and hidden movement, remaining unseen until they are ready to meet the heroes. After the heroes and the guides have identified and explained their mission to free Zhakata, the mongrelmen confer among themselves in a strange language of grunts, growls and low hoots. From the heated exchange, the heroes can tell that there is a problem of some kind.

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